A fun article by Bill McClellan in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: It would be great if our state went to pot

These things start in California and move east. I saw it with blue sneakers. When I was a kid growing up in Chicago, sneakers came in two colors: black and white. One day a kid moved in from California. He wore blue sneakers. My friends and I thought it was the most ridiculous thing we had ever seen. Blue sneakers! Oh, how we laughed at him.

Within six months, we all had blue sneakers.

It’s going to be the same with pot.

We have two choices. We can let California legalize pot in 2012 or 2014 or 2016, and then we can eventually follow, or we can take the lead.

There is precedent for the latter. When Prohibition ended, who was ready? We were. That is, Anheuser-Busch was. The day Prohibition ended, August Busch Jr. read a proclamation on KMOX. “We’re back!” The brewery sent a case of Budweiser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

For the next 75 years, we were the beer capital of the country, if not the world. […]

I was afraid California was going to beat us with marijuana. It did not. Opportunity knocks.

This is something our Legislature should work on. Republicans ought to embrace it. The Obama administration opposed the California proposition. Isn’t that enough to make us want to do it? Down with the feds and their nanny state! Up with states’ rights!

Somewhere in rural Missouri is the next August Busch. If we give free enterprise a chance, we might have another 75-year ride. A new Napa Valley. Taxes and jobs and tourism like we’ve never seen.

A pipe dream, you say? Sort of.

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5 Responses to Go MO

  1. Kevin says:

    If Obama was against it, we must be for it! Herp herp da derp!

  2. claygooding says:

    Op-eds are popping u all over,some in opposition to the coming legalization but most admitting that it is coming
    to local communities.

    More are needed with the greed factor brought forward and planted out front.

    Greed got it and keeps it prohibited and greed will set it free!

    We just have to make str8 America as greedy as the corporations for the money/jobs from hemp legalization.

  3. claygooding says:

    I know there are hemp supporters,people that do not partake of marijuana,,,yet,
    but want to see hemp legal again for the many benefits the plant itself,that come to
    this and other sites too keep up on anything that is forwarding the ending of prohibition of hemp.

    How beneficial would it be to farmers of hemp if they added marijuana to their
    harvest instead of just industrial hemp?

    Same fibers in the stalks,same seeds for oil/food production and harvesters that will
    work for donuts.

  4. undrgrndgirl says:

    mcclellan speaks the Truth.

  5. DdC says:

    Oakland Okays Medical Marijuana Mega-Grows
    by Phillip Smith, November 15, 2010
    The Oakland city council last week approved an application process for commercial-scale medical marijuana grow ops. That same night, the city council also approved a separate measure doubling the number of dispensaries licensed to operate in the city from four to eight. …continued

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