We’re not working this hard for reform because we want to give up

Residents’ tips lead to narcotics raids

Police Chief Kevin Kelso is thrilled with his tip line where people can call in and have their neighbor raided, and says the calls are “rolling in.”

He has also weathered some criticism because he’s asking the public to report crime. One such letter from former Michigan police officer Howard Wooldridge, takes Kelso to task for asking people to “snitch on” their neighbors and referred to Seguin as a “police state” town.

Kelso shrugs it off.

Wooldridge, he notes, founded Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), which advocates an end to all drug prohibition instead of prosecution of drug offenders.

“If, as I’ve heard, Mr. Wooldridge favors giving up instead of fighting drugs on our streets and in our neighborhoods, he might not mind having a crack house next door to his home and his family,” Kelso said. “I know I wouldn’t like it and I don’t think Seguin residents should tolerate it. Together, as a team, I believe we can stop it.”

Wow. That’s a pretty hilarious misstatement of Howard’s position.

It’s also pretty weak, when you can’t actually face the position of your opponent and have to make one up instead.

[Thanks, David]
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5 Responses to We’re not working this hard for reform because we want to give up

  1. Paul says:

    Ugh. Some people–not many, but some–will use any tool at their disposal to strike at people they don’t like. If we give them a way to harass their neighbors, they’ll use it. They don’t care about the consequences their victim may face.

    That’s one of the worst things about the drug war. People secretly turn each other in. I’ve never understood the mindset that does that sort of thing, but it is awful knowing people like that are out there, waiting to get you or your friends for some petty slight or prejudice.

  2. claygooding says:

    There is no giving up. When the vote polls open up Nov 2,
    there will be many older,50 and 60 age group that will vote for legalization.
    Many of those are not counted in any polls and most would lie to anyone calling them on the phone and asking any kind of drug inquiry. We have seen too much of what can happen to people that “stand up and be counted”.
    After Kent State,many of the the hippies in America cut their hair and went underground,and they are still here.

  3. I told the reporter i would rather live next to a person who uses cocaine, rather than an average alcoholic who might start shooting his gun off while drunk.

    40 years of prohibition failure & the chief still tells the people we can “stop it.” See me shaking my head.

  4. jewel says:

    @ Clay, It will take more than votes to change anything. You have people doing things like calling tip lines as in the article. I don’t know about where you are but where I sit I am surrounded by idiots! Totaly Blind Dumb idiots! I hope the ‘underground hippies’ emerge to cast their vote but I’m not holding my breath.
    Reformers should be calling these tip lines in droves. I think we should turn in every neighbor we have and just clusterphuck the shit outta their game. We should turn ourlelves in and make damn sure our rights are violated when they come for us…hell that’s easy enough.
    Until the people getting phucked by this injustice system learn, en mass, to demand their jury trial and tell them to shove the plea bargain nothing is going to change. Imagine what would result if only 30% did.

    Sorry for the rant people. It’s been a bad day. I think my son is going back to jail because he took the meds the Dr. prescrbed him while he is working his butt off to get the money for the oral surgeon. Does not matter that he is in college and working and staying on the right track and they could give a shit less that loosing his income will likely leave us both homeless again. This world sucks!

  5. Ghjost says:

    Love the idea of gumming up their little tipline. It would be a riot if a bunch of people coordinated trying to snitch on kelso’s home address, or some similarly hilarious target. Make them so frustrated that they don’t even want to answer a tipline call. I’m lmao already.
    On a more serious note, thanks to Mr. Wooldridge for his dilligent efforts in the face of such naked idiocy. We need more like him and less like kelso’s ilk in the world.

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