They WANT people to die

Why there isn’t a shield law everywhere that prevents prosecuting anyone who calls 911 to report an overdose… well, it’s beyond me. The fact that activists have to work hard to even get such a bill considered is ridiculous.

That means that a majority of politicians are essentially saying: “No, I’d prefer that they die.”

Kathleen Kane-Willis has been doing a great job trying to get this kind of legislation passed in Illinois (often referred to as Good Samaritan laws), and now the New York Times has an article about her efforts.

State Representative Constance A. Howard, Democrat of Chicago, sponsored a bill in 2008 modeled after a New Mexico law that gave limited immunity to overdose victims and witnesses. The bill stalled in the House Rules Committee over concerns that it would conflict with the state’s prosecution of cases involving drug-induced homicide.

That’s right. They want you to be afraid to call for help so you hesitate, and then they hope that when you finally do call it’s too late so your overdosing friend dies, and then they can charge you for murder for being involved in obtaining the drug.

Sado-moralists, all.

They say that karma is a bitch. I hope so.

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  1. Nick says:

    One of your most powerful pieces to date Pete.

    Thanks for all you and so many others do.


  2. BruceM says:

    Cops and DA’s would rather have a drug AND murder/negligent homicide charge rather than just a drug charge. They and their unions do everything they can to give them the power to toss the most people in prison for the longest time possible. It’s the first rule of power – when you give it to people they always abuse it, always want more of it, and never willingly give any of it up.

    But we’ve known drug warriors want people to die for a long time. It’s the same reason hydrocodone and codeine are C-II drugs but when they’re mixed with acetaminophen or other substances that are extremely toxic in moderate quantities, they become C-III drugs. Death from liver damage, according to the drug warriors, makes these drugs “less prone to abuse.” And when such deaths do occur, they get to chalk up another notch on their board of “drug-related death” stats to smile about.

    These are EVIL, truly heartless, selfish, jealous people.

  3. warren says:

    If marijuana could cause violence like alcohol it would have been legal 50 years age. This country needs violence to continue its imperialism around the world and second it seem like violence is the ONLY way to get any results. Example alcohol prohibition.

  4. Hope says:

    “EVIL, truly heartless, selfish, jealous people.”

    They are like dangerous animals and their thought processes are severely limited. Their consciences are severely damaged by something. Arrogant hatred and blind, lashing fear, most likely. They fight off commonsense and compassion as something that might interfere with their rampage. And it would.

  5. Mike says:

    We have have to remember that these are the same people that oppose narcan kits to prevent heroin overdoses because it would “encourage continued use.” These are very sick, twisted people.

  6. Just me says:

    This is where hypocracy is very blatant. We hear drugworriors and others upholding drug laws say ‘These laws keep people off drugs and save childrens lives’. Well how bout it drug worriors? Why do you allow people to die from over doses due to fear of prosecution. By supporting prosecution of 911 callers, your just as guilty of a overdose victims death as the person who was afraid to call for help. Oh I know, you say you didnt force this poor soul to take drugs,easy way out huh? But then again your not going to lift a finger to up hold the whole purpose of the laws you defend?

    Fine. Keep your prohibition…for now. As Pete said…
    “They say that karma is a bitch. I hope so.”

  7. aussidawg says:

    “We have have to remember that these are the same people that oppose narcan kits to prevent heroin overdoses because it would “encourage continued use.”

    Mike, you stole my thunder. As soon as I saw the headline to this article, I thought of Bu$h and his response to Chicago area emergency rooms that were requesting additional supplies of Narcan back when the fentanyl tainted heroin overdoses were such a big problem. Bu$h refused the request on the grounds that somehow providing help for overdoses due to tainted heroin would be encouraging drug use.

    In another instance two years ago, there was a headline in the local paper about three San Antonio Catholic missionaries that were arrested for distributing clean needles to drug users. Texas remains the only state that I know of that outlaws clean needle exchanges. Again, the rationale is that providing clean needles to addicts is somehow encouraging drug use. Fucking pathetic!!! I suppose their twisted version of morality rationalizes that a drug user is better off dead and in heaven with their sky god than to be here on Earth using the devil’s evil drugs.

  8. BruceM says:

    Hope: Indeed. But never forget that they are also extremely jealous of people who use drugs. You have to pay attention closely to notice it. But listen to them say things like an injured soldier “deserves morphine” and you’ll see what I mean. They know drugs are wonderful and people who use and enjoy them should only do so if they’ve somehow earned the privilege. When you’re sitting at home with a smile on your face having just injected some heroin, feeling a billion times better than any abstinent drug warrior will ever feel in their entire life, they get extremely jealous. They may not even realize it, since few people actually know what they’re feeling (note: people are mostly not self-aware, and the only reason why most people are able to pass the “mirror test” is because they’re taught the fact that a mirror shows their own reflection… people can’t pass the mirror test until they’re around 3 years old and know what a mirror is – as such most people are not self-aware).

    Warren: if the temperence movement had come up with a racist reason to ban alcohol, it would still be illegal. For some reason, the anti-alcohol crowd were never clever enough to say “alocohol makes niggers rape white women” or “alcohol allows mexicans to enslave white women and keep them as sex slaves”… if they did, the Harry Anslingers would have backed them up and alcohol would still be illegal today.

    The irony being alcohol is the one drug that truly does harm people.

  9. Hope says:

    I’m afraid karma could be a bitch all the way around. The prohibitionists will probably come back in their next lives, if any, in the karma tradition, as cockroaches or rats to infest our posterity’s kitchens, or maybe the poisonous vipers slithering and lurking about, waiting to consume the life of others, that they are.

    And what will we be? Canaries in coal mines?

    Or maybe pigeons in DC trying to plop one on the worst of our legislators as they walk down the street?

  10. Hope says:

    Bruce, I think you’re right. There is an element of jealousy. Jealously is all about hatred and fear, too.

    It’s an emotion and it’s powerful, powerful stuff and it’s not unlike a drug itself… only they can produce it’s toxic effects themselves out of pure air and the very cells of their beings.

    All of the prohibitionists’ destructive ways are based on wild eyed emotion. They are truly dangerous people. They will stomp the very life out of other humans because of their emotions.

  11. Hope says:

    Or maybe we’d come back as doves.

    I’m looking at a tree full of doves in my front yard. They’re beautiful. We that speak up here and in other ways and places, kind of remind me of that tree full of doves. Beautiful.

    But there is a hunter/prohibitionist somewhere that would joyfully wreak mayhem on them in a minute for just the thrill of it or a taste of their flesh.

    I’m not against hunting… but it’s an analogy that’s right in front of me.

  12. Hope says:

    Karma as retribution is not particularly an appealing idea to me. It’s too slow, for one thing.

    I’m all for that other religious idea, grace, mercy, and forgiveness, if they’d just stop their wicked jihad and stop it now.

  13. DdC says:

    That’s more TV news hogwash. Booze prohibition was overturned because ethanol was still outlawed so it didn’t matter. The only logical reason for prohibition to pass since there really wasn’t an out of control booze problem. The church ladies had no political clout. It took the same Rockefeller Standard Oil lobbying that continues today. Thanks to gossipers hurling mud to cloud the picture. Hearst promoted booze prohibition then turned against it after Rockefeller Oil was set up and to this day farmers can’t distil their own fuel. Stop the gossip Bruce.

    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp. While GOP and DMC continue to bicker over nonsense. Farmers still can’t grow. Drugs and Ganja are Gateways to prison profits and cop-shops.

    Good point about them wanting us dead, not the big pic but definitely a bonus for the drug thugs. Yes dead junkies provide statistics and Gore files for Calvinatwits. But live junkies provide snitches making up 80% of the drug cases. Plus the alcohol infrastructure not required for a few homegrown plants. Most of it built on plastic, steel and fossil fools. Then the poisons business to eradicate Ganja and since Nixon’s lie, Hemp is included and makes up 98% of the eradications. It’s always about money and the gossipers tell their tales to perpetuate it. Now either these lowlifes are so dull they have to get attention some way or they actually make money on the prohibition or one of its many subsidiary businesses from pisstasting to private prisons. Plus keeping thousands of alternative products off the slimeball’s wallmart street market. Stop the Gossip!

    Wallstreet’s Spontaneous Abortionists

    The House has authorized, and the Senate is considering, a proposal to revive research on the use of toxic, mold-like fungi called mycoherbicides to kill drug crops in other countries. (April 4, 2006)

    Preconception exposure to the pesticides glyphosate, atrazine, carbaryl, and 2,4-D increased relative risk of spontaneous abortion by 20-40%. Risks were even higher for women exposed to pesticides at age 35 or older and for women exposed to pesticide mixtures. For example, older women exposed to both triazines and thiocarbamates before conception had a nearly 8- fold increase in risk of spontaneous abortion over women exposed to triazines only. The authors urge that additional research be conducted to assess reproductive effects of other chemicals and mixtures, and to investigate the role of maternal age on chemical toxicity.

  14. BruceM says:

    We only live once. A live spent without having enjoyed a recreational drug is a life wasted. Everything in moderation.

    There is no afterlife. There is no reincarnation. We will end up in the same non-place as every prohibitionist, every murderer, and every wonderful person. Nothingness, like before we were born. Hoping problems will be addressed in some sort of afterlife is detrimental to society. It’s why poor countries stay poor – religion allowes them to accept poverty and corruption, because “this life” doesn’t matter, only the next one does. So rather than trying to make things better here on earth, they waste their lives with their hands clasped in prayer, babbling on about gods, ghosts, spirits, witches, etc. Never forget that religion is the primary reason why prohibition was started. Not politics, not racism, but religion. Organized religion is in direct competition with drugs.

  15. claygooding says:

    Passing and enforcing moralistic laws of any kind is an exercise in futility and will cause nothing but strife and wasting of resources.
    It is a formula for continuous enforcement growth and a continued offender crop for harvesting.

  16. DdC says:

    Cardasian Justice. Mandatory sentences, then charged with the crime. Cops and the State are infallible, why waste taxes on silly notions of defending yourself. They exist for your safety after-all, sometimes the price is a little Liberty you ain’t using anyway. Cops did their job, MM even cuts back on taxes for redundant judges. These Neoconjobs have obviously been raised by Fascist despots and are deathly afraid of Liberty. Bottled water looks like Moonshine. Salt and sugar are white powders. Near Beer? Alcohol in mouthwash and Catholic mass. Priests spewing smoke from the incense, not hashish anymore, still first hand smoke onto the kiddies. Not to mention the poisons to eradicate the Ganja, mostly ditchweed. Or the fossil fools alternatives to Hemp plastic and wood products, dioxin drugs in babies lungs. Biggest farce since the flat earth. Hemp a schedule#1 Narcotic burlap. In spite of the harm DEAth does to the kids, the message never changes, 98% is for statistics to maintain the Ganjawar.. Feinstein tried outlawing Ganja candy bars. Then Georgia tried Outlawing candy from non-psychoactive hemp, ilicit nutrition. Wrong message.

    High on Hemp

    Virtues’ of Ganja

    Legalize It! Text by Ted Williams
    Audubon Magazine

    Never has there been a federal statute outlawing the cultivation of hemp, just the DEA’s insistence that hemp is an illegal drug. Law-enforcement officials in other countries harbor no such fantasies. Hemp is lawfully grown in 32 nations, and in the European Union it’s a subsidized crop. It is not practical to distill hemp’s THC or separate it from the cannabidiol that neutralizes it, but Americans are so afraid of hemp that they even want to prevent people from wearing it. Consider the case of Angela Guilford, who sells hempen products in Hoover, Alabama, and who aroused the suspicions of the community by carrying Grateful Dead memorabilia. On June 24, 1997, when she was eight months pregnant, police raided her shop, seizing 168 items and charging her and her husband, Jeff Russell, with “felony marijuana trafficking.” Facing mandatory minimum jail terms of three years, the couple spent a stressful, suspenseful summer. But in late September charges were dropped when lab work failed to turn up THC in any of the shirts, bags, or jewelry.

  17. DdC says:

    That last post January 24th, 2010 at 5:53 pm should probably go here. Jailed for possession of candy.

  18. Hope says:

    Moral? What’s moral about beating, spying on, testing, killing, breaking into their homes, killing their pets, destroying their property, terrifying and sometimes shooting their children, jailing, and persecuting people over the herbs and drugs they consume?

    How is that moral?

  19. primus says:

    Karma is a bitch or a blessing, depending on which part of the kar you end up under.

  20. Hope says:

    This is not their “job”. It’s what they “live for”.

    “For the agents, it was a good night’s work. “This is what we live for, stopping drugs,” said an agent who hiked in shortly after the bust to help bring in the smugglers and the contraband.”

    In Drug War, Tribe Feels Invaded by Both Sides

    (The latest in the Wars Without Borders series)

    Zealots? Extremists? Crazy?

    They don’t want peace. They don’t won’t a better, saner, safer way.


    They like it like this. The death and danger excite them. They love it. It’s SO EXCITING. It’s given them something to “live for”. They’d die without it. They wouldn’t be who they are without it. They wouldn’t be really “alive” or have anything to “live for” without it.

    Peace? A better, safer way? They swear, not on their “Watch”.

  21. kaptinemo says:

    From Hope’s link:

    “A record 319,000 pounds of marijuana were seized on the reservation in 2009, up from 201,000 pounds the previous year, along with small amounts of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

    Been noticing something for some time. Note how the amount interdicted is described in pounds. Not tons. But in pounds. Now why is that?

    Perhaps because if you had said that ‘A record 159 tons of marijuana were seized on the reservation in 2009, up from 100 tons the previous year’ it might have a greater impact on the thinking of the average person. As in, “With all this tonnage, maybe there’s no point in drug interdiction?”

    Another pathetic attempt to game the American taxpayer. Sad, really…

  22. BruceM says:

    I’m surprised they don’t measure it in milligrams. Maybe that’s too abstract.

    All cops love their shiny badges. Their license plates that say “EXEMPT” in big red letters. Their ability to carry a gun anywhere, even where “normal” people are not allowed to carry guns. Such things make them sexually aroused. Their genitals become engorged with blood every time they show their badge, raise their nose up and yell “police!” with an authoritative voice. Whenever you see a video of a bunch of homunculus cops beating a suspect, their little dicks are all hard, and they’ll only stop the beating once they’ve all ejaculated.

    It’s not just them, a large number of people are aroused by power. But these people are sexual deviants and sadists who abuse other people to get off, and we pay them for it. And while homicide cops get their orgasms from going after real criminals, cops looking for drugs get the widest lattitude in which, and how many people they get to harass. You bet they “live for it.” They get off on it, literally. They come home from work each day with sogging wet underwear. Male cops’ gun handles are crusted with dried semen.

  23. DdC says:

    Crack Cocaine Use Up in Victoria

    I reckon with perverts telling them all drugs and Ganja are the same it was bound to happen.

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