Excellent Tom Barnidge Column

Barnidge: If government doesn’t control marijuana, criminals will

This is an outstanding column by Tom Barnidge that will be running in a number of California papers tomorrow. It features a number of LEAP members, and details a host of reasons why marijuana should be legal, along with bringing up parallels to the other prohibition. He even mentions hemp, and the deglamorization effect. He also dismisses law enforcement opposition to being part of the “internal wiring of police agencies.”

Let’s hope it gets a lot of play.

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  1. Hi Pete. I would be interested to have you contact James Anthony and ask him if the quote attributed to him by Barnidge at end of column was presented in a context with which he would agree or if instead he might elaborate on the cited quote.



  2. claygooding says:

    Could not load link,but will try again in am.

  3. claygooding says:

    A good article,and that the police organizations are wired for prohibition is true also. With the end if prohibition comes possible reductions in drug war funds from the DEA and ONDCP. Since the DEA budget and the ONDCP budget is mostly dedicated to marijuana enforcement,how much it effects the individual cities and counties subsidy check
    will be greatly effected.
    Although the monies doesn’t pay salaries or bonus’s,it does buy better and more equipment,without seeking local funding.

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