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January 2010



The Rant on iPhone

I’ve added a new feature for Drug WarRant readers who follow the site on mobile devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, etc.). You’ll now get a new streamlined version of the site that’s a fast download and very easy to read on those devices.

Don’t worry — if you prefer to get it the usual way on your mobile device, just scroll down to the bottom and make the switch.

I’d love to hear from any mobile users — let me know if it works OK for you. This change shouldn’t have affected anything for regular users (Firefox, Safari, IE, etc. on a computer), so please let me know if, for some reason, you’re getting the mobile version when you shouldn’t.

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8 comments to The Rant on iPhone

  • ezrydn


    The Nokia e71 still shows the site as it normally is. Evidently, your “plug-in doesn’t match all phones. I looked all over my screen for a “toggle” but there is none.

  • sixtyfps

    It’s looking nice on Android 2.0, Pete.

  • Chris

    Posting from an android emulator.. kind of surprised at the timing lol. I was starting to check the site on google reader on my actual phone but this is better

  • Ezrydn,

    Give it a try again. The plug-in is designed to work with:

    android, aspen, blackberry9500, blackberry9530, cupcake, dream, incognito, iphone, ipod, opera mini, webmate, webos

    … but it also has a custom way to add agents (with no guarantee that it’ll work properly), so, based on some other reading online, I’ve added: “nokia, iemobile, symbian” to the list, which may give some additional options for people.

    Let me know if it works.

  • The very first thing you’ll see when after entering Oaksterdam U. is pictures of Families . So you say…………so what……… except the pictures are there for a purpose . These pictures show the Father’s that were once part of the family unit now seperated because of
    ” marijuana crimes “. Below the photos tell a story of why each one was incarcerated , their sentence & in detail tells how several of these men either have killed themselves or have been killed while in prison .
    Their is now no Father .The family has been broken apart .
    How can the Mother work when she takes care of her Children ?
    Furthermore the Children are now worse off than ever before . For what purpose does incarceration serve for what otherwise is a victimless crime ? Cannabis helps rather than it hurts . Yet some of you will say ,
    ” well this man committed a crime & as a result of breaking the law he must pay for his crime ” …………
    and some of you will say ” what about the man who committed murder then he too needs to be free ” . Murder is a crime and he must be prosecuted for his crime but , possessing a plant called Cannabis is not a crime .

    This man did not commit a crime .
    Rather the crime was committed against the man

  • ezrydn

    Bingo. You said the magic word. The rubber duck came down. Did ya get your $100 bucks? My how times have changed. Yep, it’s working, just as shown on site. Great little addition.

  • Tony Aroma

    Works great on my iPod touch.

  • meeneecat

    I’m on android, and I’m getting the option to switch back to regular mode, which is how I prefer to view it on my moble device, but no matter how many times I try it will not switch it back to normal mode on my device. Anyone else having this problem. (it’s just a personal preference but I don’t particularly like “moble formatting” and my device has pretty good resolution thus I prefer regular web formatting on my mobile phone)