Illinois Governor candidates on medical marijuana

It’s not that often that you get such a neatly laid out list of reactions of candidates on this subject as we’ve gotten here from an AP questionnaire:


— Dan Hynes: “I do not support the outright legalization of marijuana.”

— Pat Quinn: “People who are seriously ill deserve access to all medical treatments that will help them.”


— Rich Whitney: “I support legalization of marijuana, period.”


— Adam Andrzejewski: “I could support this bill as long as (it’s) for qualified medical uses only.”

— Bill Brady: “Legalizing medical marijuana appears to me to be nothing more than moving us down the slope of legalizing marijuana.”

— Kirk Dillard: “I do not support legalizing medical marijuana due to the concerns of the law enforcement community that it will be difficult to enforce.”

— Andy McKenna: “I would have opposed the legislation presented to the Senate.”

— Dan Proft: “In narrowly-defined instances where a doctor believes this treatment would alleviate the suffering of an individual … I would be inclined to allow a licensed doctor to prescribe such treatment.”

— Jim Ryan: “I would be open to a narrowly drawn bill that legalizes medical marijuana. It can provide needed relief for patients with various afflictions.”

— Bob Schillerstrom: “No conclusive evidence has been put forward to justify its legalization for medical purposes.”

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Whitney is probably most in tune with the electorate on this issue, it’s unlikely that he’ll get more than 8% of the vote, simply because the two major parties are way too powerful.

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23 Responses to Illinois Governor candidates on medical marijuana

  1. Paul says:

    Democrats and Republicans: If only they both could lose!

  2. DavesNotHere says:

    Bigger article here:


    Strangely, so does Illinois. Medical marijuana was legalized here in 1978, but it has languished; bureaucrats have never implemented the practice.

    The pending legislation would set up a public-health registry of people using doctor-approved marijuana to relieve the pain of, for example, Crohn’s disease, or the upset stomach caused by chemotherapy. Patients could possess seven plants or two ounces of the dried drug.

    “People who are seriously ill deserve access to all medical treatments that will help them fight their illness and recover,” said Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, while not promising to support specific legislation.

    His opponent in the February primary, Comptroller Dan Hynes, did not answer the question. He said he opposes “outright legalization of marijuana” and proposed rewriting drug laws to review priorities and criminal sentencing.


    Technically, if Governor Pat Quinn wanted to allow medical marijuana, he could do it tomorrow. Democrat Quinn refused to say if he would support the legislation that already passed the Senate and Hynes refused to even answer the question. Do they deserve the vote of drug reformers? HELL NO!

    Rich Whitney got 11% of the vote last time Pete, so why not assume he’ll do better instead of worse?

    If something is too powerful and that power is abused as it clearly is in Illinois, isn’t it your moral duty to yourself and your fellow human beings to fight that abusive power with all you have so that our future generations do not have to also suffer through those that are way too powerful?

    Yes, the Democrats are way too powerful in Illinois and the Democrats have not needed a single Republican vote to pass anything in Illinois since 2002. Not one Republican vote needed in Illinois since 2002. Talk about powerful. Even when the Chicago Combine includes Republicans in their power base we see nothing but corruption, higher poverty rates, lower educational standards, and bigger debts for our children. Both parties in Illinois are completely corrupt because they are way too powerful.

    Rich Whitney gives Illinoisans another rare chance to fight that power. 11% of the population is NOT to be ignored. For long.

    Quinn and Hynes aren’t even worth a consideration because they have already proven each other to be completely dishonest and a horrible judge of fellow politicians and policies, so I hope Illinoisans are starting to learn from their past idiocy.

    In this environment after Blagojevich, Rich Whitney absolutely has a shot at winning. But not if drug reformers wave the white flag of surrender and support yet another Chicago machine Blago-type douche-bag Democrat like Quinn or Hynes.

    Go out and turn Whitney’s 8-11% into 25-30% and Illinois will be on the verge of legalization. Shrug off Whitney as just an also-ran spoiler and another opportunity for legalization and revolution is wasted and we only get more drug war under career drug warriors like Quinn and Hynes.

    And by the way, Proft and Andrzejewski are the “more conservative / tea party” type candidates. Unlike Democrats Quinn and Hynes, they were honest enough to answer the question. Taking a Republican PRIMARY ballot to vote for Proft wouldn’t be totally stupid. Proft is clearly better than Hynes and would probably be better than Quinn on this issue.

  3. DavesNotHere says:

    I refuse to give up calling politicians names, sorry. They deserve it.

  4. Regrettably, if Whitney were really “in touch with the electorate” he wouldn’t be running with the Green Party. I’ll never understand why folks choose to marginalize themselves before they’re even out of the gate.

  5. This guy takes the cake in so many ways: Kirk Dillard: “I do not support legalizing medical marijuana due to the concerns of the law enforcement community that it will be difficult to enforce.”

    I’m all for exploring that principle, but I wonder if he knows it could be used directly against his own position?

  6. Carol M. says:

    I wish I could vote Green Party. If people would just stand up and voice their support for the Green Party, they would not be marginalized but would be a serious political force in this country. They are the real progressive party.

    Whitney would be marginalized within the Democratic party, not to mention the Republican party. There is not much difference between the two major parties and there hasn’t been for many years.

    Most people vote for “the lesser of two evils” every election. People are too afraid their vote won’t make a difference in our two party system.

    Too bad the Green Party and the Corporate party (RepubliDems) are not the two parties to choose from.
    Why don’t we work to make that the case?

  7. Just me. says:

    Kirk Dillard: “I do not support legalizing medical marijuana due to the concerns of the law enforcement community that it will be difficult to enforce.”

    Humm…does this douche bag realize what he said? No I dont think he does. He is saying he listens to what lawenforcement wants..not the people. So if hes listening to law enforcement on the issue of Medical cannabis…who does he listen to on other issuses? some are just not smart enough to notice this.

    No I dont have a problem calling politicians names either…all of them are douche bags til they prove otherwise.

    Carol M:I wish I could vote Green Party. If people would just stand up and voice their support for the Green Party, they would not be marginalized but would be a serious political force in this country. They are the real progressive party.

    Anything with the word “Progressive” attached is to me just another word for communist/socialist.Just makes me shutter. Cant trust any party these days, where there is power/money, there is greed and corruption.

    We see it everyday , these power elite , these career politicians show there corrupt ways , their lust for money power fame , yet they refuse to see the error of it all. They will fall..eventually. We have seen it time and time again , yet they delude themselves into thinking ” no, wont happen to me, I’m too smart for that.”

    The day is coming.

  8. BluOx says:

    I’m always amazed when people define themselves as supporters of one of the two ‘majors’.The Demos are the party of smoke, the Repubs are the party of mirrors. Nothing will change significantly till a 3rd party is elected.Meanwhile it’s the ‘same’ol change’in place. The ‘Greens’ sound good to me.

  9. davidst says:

    At least the front running Republican is one with a decent stance (Jim Ryan). The Democrats are apparently split right down the middle.

  10. Buc says:

    As a former Republican, I get pissed every time I see how out to lunch the current GOP people are with regards to this issue. Whether medical, recreational or all drugs in general.

    The GOP guys know that their voters have drug policy way down on their list of what’s important, whether they are for or against legalization.

    Every day I pray that there is some kind of afterlife so those who cause so much misery can endure it themselves someday.

  11. Mokkie says:

    Medical marijuana was legalized here in 1978 {ILL}

    Is it not the will of the people to have medical marijuana? Also are the elected legislators not elected to do the Will Of the People? Not there self serving interest. Is it the will of the people that sheriff, county or city commissioner, judge, Prosecutor, clerk or any other elected official start doing the peoples will. Not there own.
    Folks if you cannot carry the flag get out out of the parade. Before you get voted out.

  12. Duncan says:

    What simply amazes me is not one candidate even give lip service to the thought that medical decisions should be made by doctors and scientist, not politicians with a political agenda.

  13. Jack says:

    ILL will not legalize cannabis because the industry in IL is to arrest and prosecute people so prison guards,crooked cops,lawyers and judges can justify their jobs and make money. we live in whiteside county and thats what the courts do is arrest americans and take what they have. It is a form of taxation,you pay them and get probation and public service,if you dont have money they jail you for punishment.

  14. Paul says:


    Yep, that is pretty much what it is all about. My friends and I used to call it “Mofo incorporated”, and that covered the entire predatory city and state government system. Petty drug enforcement, traffic tickets, car towing, car impounding, auto insurance, fines for this and that…

    Once a friend got a ticket for MJ and they impounded his car. When we went to the towing company to get it back, there was a photo on the wall of the towing company guys playing baseball with the local sheriff’s department. Big grins all around.

    They’re all in bed together, and some governments–especially old and established governments–are almost perfect parasites.

    The pattern is for the blood sucking to grow so intolerable that people move away to freer places. Over time, more people move to the nice, low government location and the parasites follow and begin to multiply. The eggs hatch and a new cycle begins. A person has to be pretty wealthy or tolerant to survive in a heavily parasitical environment. That…or join them and become a parasite yourself.

    It looks like California has hit the saturation point, and people are moving away, looking for better opportunities. Parasites never understand why their host tries to leave or scrape them off, but in the end they always follow the scent of blood. Look out Texas!

  15. RFWoodstock says:

    Valid medicinal value, it’s a victimless crime, the War on Drugs WAY too costly, too many arrests for simple possession, tax it and use the money to pay for health insurance and to reduce the deficit…Need I say more?

    Woodstock Universe supports legalization of Marijuana.

    We will giveaway a Woodstock Universe Prize Package to the best member blog on “Why we should legalize marijuana?”

    Prize package includes Woodstock Universe T-shirt and magnet, WDST decal, Radio Woodstock Live in Woodstock CD and Woodstock 3 days of peace and music Director’s Cut DVD.

    Join Woodstock Universe to blog or just vote in our poll.

    Add your vote in our poll about legalization at:

    New poll started 11/25…currently 95%…for 5% against.

    We operate RADIO WOODSTOCK 69 which features only music from the original Woodstock era (1967-1971) and RADIO WOODSTOCK with great live music from the original Woodstock era to today’s artists who reflect the spirit of Woodstock. We also operate Woodstock TV which features concert and festival videos.

    Peace, love, music, one world,

  16. Carol M. says:

    Rgardless of how anyone feels about politics, politicians and political parties, realistically that will be the people who can have an effect on cannabis law, negatively or positively.

    If the issue of cannabis law is important to you, that is the issue you need to base your vote on when the opportunity comes up. And you need to vote. If for some reason you won’t vote, you need to talk to others about voting for the candidate who you think shows promise.

  17. DavesNotHere says:

    I felt compelled to point something out about Governor Pat Quinn’s statement.

    “People who are seriously ill deserve access to all medical treatments that will help them.”

    This doesn’t answer the question. And it doesn’t tell us if Quinn thinks medical marijuana is a medical treatment that will help the seriously ill. He may think it doesn’t help people, just like most of his political party, and therefore people don’t deserve access to it. We can’t tell what he thinks about medical marijuana from that. Its a deliberately evasive answer. Typical politician speak. Is that trustworthy and honest? NEXT.

    As for voting, my opinion is, if you don’t or can’t take the gravity and reality behind the power of your vote seriously, then don’t vote. You have a tremendous amount of power over your fellow citizens with your vote.

    Voting is not a popularity contest, it is not a game, it is not a joke, and it is not a casual affair. Voting means life and death to your fellow people. It means cages or freedom. Beyond those 4 core elements, voting means a lot of things to everyone, poverty or opportunity, intelligence or ignorance, suffering or health, and far too often now, screw you and give me mine.

    For me, the 4 core elements outrank everything else. Therefore, I could never vote for someone that would lock my fellow of citizens in cages for possessing cannabis. And a whole list of other things. I am not willing to use the awesome power of my vote to lock people in cages for cannabis, its just that simple.

    When we give the incredible power of our vote to a candidate/politician that believes in prohibition and locking our fellow people in cages, I believe we become our own enemy, and Pete’s great post today reminds me of that.

    If we stop voting for prohibition supporters, there won’t be any. That’s a hell of a lot easier to do than having everyone decide to stop using “drugs”. We stopped voting for racists and misogynists, so why not stop voting for drug warriors?

  18. Lex Green says:

    Unfortunately, they forgot to ask me. I am running for Governor as a Libertarian. As governor, I will sign a bill to legalize cannibis for medical use. I want to end prohibition as well, so we can stop the violence associated with the illegal drug trade. Alcohol prohibition gave us Al Capone and the Valentine’s Day massacre. Modern prohibition is worse. Let’s use common sense and end the violence.

  19. DdC says:

    Welcome Lex Green

    Unfortunately, they forgot to ask me.

    They didn’t forget.

    I am running for Governor as a Libertarian.

    Just in the remote case the Myans were right about 2012. Instead of the runofthemill building the party for the future or trickle down voters. Why not try hitting the people with reality. Something so far out it goes above partisan parties. 1/8th of the population during good weather. 1/16th usually split between the status weirdo’s while an eighth of the population registered to vote, sit apathetically at home, especially if its raining. Give the apathetic something they can’t get on programmed cable tv or corporate radio. Reality.

    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

    As governor, I will sign a bill to legalize cannibis for medical use.

    At first, but the healthy have to wait?
    Inch by inch… step by step… slowly it turns… Niagra!

    I want to end prohibition as well,
    so we can stop the violence associated with the illegal drug trade.

    The violins play for the illegal drug trade all the way to the Banks they now own. But the violence is from prohibition, not drugs. Drugs are done safely daily when they are done properly. People want to do drugs and smoke Ganja and are willing to buy it. No one “sells” illicit drugs. No commercials, flip charts or demographics. No twins in bikini’s or even buildings or board rooms. Outlawing clean needles to deter use is insane. Even if it wasn’t enforced the intent was to scare people out of doing something. Shame based BS. Classism. Culturism with clear racist opportunity.

    The RxGanja IND program was shutdown by Boosh ! when AIDs patients started finding relief from wasting syndrome. One might see it as a form of gay redemption or even genocide. Can’t happen here? Basically it was Boosh holdings with Lilly. Then Klintoon and McCaffrey pushing Thalidomide, flipper babies… to stimulate appetites. The status quo DNC or GOP LP&G divided over hobgoblins each forgetting their own individualism and allegiance to the United States of America not religious or idealistic or party or klan memberships. Trading American jobs for foreign cheap labor, then blaming the Unions for fighting for a living wage for Americans. Wallmart St and crude oil plastic or homegrown hemp plastic and clothing. Jobs right chere in river city. Get creative dude.

    Alcohol prohibition gave us Al Capone and the Valentine’s Day massacre.

    No, actually it was the Untouchables with Robert Stack as Elliott Ness, best known as Captain Kramer in the stoner flick Airplane. Also the same Randolph Hearst giving us Reefer Madness on dead trees and dining Nazi’s at San Simeon castle, doing business with the same Industrialists and Banksters, same fascism. He was so good at it going back to stigmatizing the Chinese doing Opium, His picture literally is beside the definition of Yellow Journalism. Exaggerating characters features and pure gossip. Same later with Mexicans and Jazz musicians smoking reefer, gage or headlined “marihuana”. the weed from hell turning Southwestern young maidens into reefer addicts like Mari Juana. Or blacks doing cocaine having the strength of 10 men. Similar to the BS book by Walters and Bennett about predator kids ganging up on neighborhoods with no morals from high potency BC bud. Anslingers Gore files all designed to blow our minds against common sense. The religion of sobriety and codependency sells. Not ho hum same old shit dangers of the past. Reality.

    Modern prohibition is worse.
    Let’s use common sense and end the violence.

    ¶8) As long as violence deters, mongers fear and profits Wallmart St. common sense dictates the Greed will remain, ie; the violence. Smoking a doobie without tragic results gets one an “R” rating in Moviewood, Violence in many forms is 24/7 on cable, mainlined to the living room. Ganja has been used thousands of years most likely preventing a lot of the carcinogens from camp fires and early fossil fools emissions. The Ganjawar is a relatively short time-span in human history and since its inception, but for the greed of a few. Cancer and Neurological Damage, Heart and Lung Diseases have skyrocketed parallel to the chemical profits causing them and treating them by the same multinational corporations. The Truth might give you an edge. Good Luck…

    “A violently active, intrepid, brutal youth that is what I am after…
    I will have no intellectual training.
    Knowledge is ruin for my young men.”

    Adolf Hitler quoted by John Gunther “The Nation”

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  21. grow9000 says:

    With the Illinois elections just around the corner, here’s a handy voting guide for medical marijuana friendly candidates.

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