Cheech and Chong on FOX News

This is pretty wild. Check out the video over at Raw Story: Gretchen Carlson defends Republicans’ right to smoke pot

Clearly the comedy duo are on a publicity tour for their new comedy show and they’re doing every TV show they can get, but you can tell that they’re just having fun with the fact that Fox invited them.

Chong told Carlson that he wants to see marijuana legalized — but not for Republicans. “We want to legalize pot for everyone that wants to smoke it. You know, we don’t want to legalize it for Republicans.”

Carlson quickly came to the defense of stoners in the GOP. “That wouldn’t be fair. Would it?” asked Carlson. “I mean being fair and balanced, if you want to legalize it shouldn’t you want to legalize it for everyone?”

“I want to legalize it for everyone,” answered Cheech Marin.

[Thanks, Scott]
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9 Responses to Cheech and Chong on FOX News

  1. ezrydn says:

    I’d take it one step further than Cheech. Since it’s remaining illegal at the Federal Level, then banning all Federal Employees from the program, as long as the CSA stays in effect, seems only right, whether they be Republican OR Democrat. The dinosaurs want to die, let them.

    Why didn’t Gretchen come on out of the closet and say she was a toker instead of claiming “fair and balanced?”

  2. wes says:

    I think she slipped, i dont think she meant to say that. I mean I hate fox and friends but I think it was a slip. A nice one though. I really like watching the new cheech and chong interviews

  3. Anon says:

    Why not for Republicans? It is they who need to smoke it.

  4. Just me says:

    I think it should be a requirement for all heads of state to toke up , Maybe we would have laws that are more sain ,less wars, they maybe more able to think outside that box and see how their policies hurt regular folks.

  5. DdC says:

    Tim Lincecum pays fine to resolve marijuana charges Jan 19 2010
    The pitcher for the San Francisco Giants originally faced two misdemeanor charges of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession stemming from a traffic stop on Oct. 30. The charges were reduced to a civil infraction.

    Pitcher Dock Ellis’ Legendary LSD No-Hitter
    Celebrity Stoners * NFL Buzzkill * Michael Phelps

  6. DdC says:

    WAMM drops case against feds
    A Santa Cruz medicinal marijuana collective agreed Friday to dismiss its lawsuit against the federal government with the understanding that the federal Drug Enforcement Agency will respect state medical marijuana laws.

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  8. claygooding says:

    I don’t think anyone with law enforcement should ever be allowed to smoke,especially federal police. Especially if further testing proves that marijuana does block cancer.
    They should have to endure the odds and go weedless for the rest of their lives,until they turn into a large tumor,as we already know they are.

  9. Cliff says:

    Chong told Carlson that he wants to see marijuana legalized — but not for Republicans. “We want to legalize pot for everyone that wants to smoke it. You know, we don’t want to legalize it for Republicans.”

    LOL!!!!1 one eleventy!!! I’m going to use that on all the pinch faced, uptight, right wing, hyper moralistic, holier than thou, prudes in the republican party who have fought us every step of the way while paying lip service to personal liberty and freedom.

    Republicans are the ones who always say, “If you don’t like the laws, then get them changed.” Knowing full f*cking well that the chances of legalization were slim to none for the longest time. Well, the worm has turned my Republican friends and the drug war funding trough has only a few crumbs for you all to squabble over. People are tired of feeding the trolls who want to run other people’s personal lives

    Don’t worry, it won’t be legal for you Republicans, just for those of us who can handle the freedom. Stay in your playpen with your martinis and cigarettes. Sorry Republicans, cannabis is for adults.

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