Drug Policy Reform Conference open thread

Feel free to talk about the conference and any of the sessions (or just where to get the best food) here.

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  1. DdC says:

    Sean Hannity forum

    Oh what kid of trouble can I find here? ¶8)

  2. I’ve participated in (at least) seven drug policy conferences, and have mixed feelings regarding their effectiveness. Granted, they’ve all been fun – but most resemble group hugs. Group hugs have merit, without question, as they amp-up and excite those most committed to the cause. But results are what matter most, and I’m of the position that they have been a bit meager.

    I am hopeful, however, that results will improve. Our current leaders have been at the helm for some time now, and the newer kids on the block are anxious to step up to the plate. Two of the brightest, Micah Daigle (Exec. Dir. SSDP), and Tom Angell (media relations director for LEAP), sat for interviews recently inside the Opium Den. They are available from Archives at http://www.theopiumden.net. I invite everyone to give them a listen.

  3. Ben Masel says:

    No WiFi in the sessions, and verrrrry slow here in the foyer.

    High point so far:

    AM Plenary, El Paso City Councilman Beno O’Rourke:

    With a District bordering Ciudad Juarez which had been rocked with 1600 “cartel” murders in the previous year, the City Council took up a resolution deploring the deaths.
    He moved an amendment, calling for the US and Mexican governments to begin an open and honest debate on ending Prohibition to stop the violence. To his surprise, the amendment carried unanimously.

    Congressman Reyes, who represents the El Paso, then called all the City Council members, threatening to cut off funding to the City. In a subsequent vote, the Council retreated.

  4. Johnny B. Rotten says:

    Loving it. It’s my first conference as I’ve just gotten involved with SSDP in the past semester. It won’t be my last. I read your blog all the time Peter, hopefully i’ll bump into you sometime tomorrow.

  5. DdC says:

    Thanks jhelion,
    We’re Everywhere!
    Even the typical lame ones aren’t that bad.
    Not what I expected.
    Have the Drug nuts petered out?
    Should we take prisoners?
    Now they’ll want war restitutions.
    I think we should stone them,
    maybe get em high first.

  6. DdC says:

    Feature: The State of Play
    Federal Drug Reform Legislation in the Congress


    I hope this idiot doesn’t have political aspirations,
    hate it when they get aspirations. Just retire fool!
    Move to Mexico. Another Bircher bites the dust.

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    Accept The Facts – and End This Futile ‘War on Drugs’
    We are handing one of our biggest industries over to armed, criminal gangs.

    Should Pot Be Legal?
    Two-part debate between retired Orange County Judge James P. Gray and David Evans, an author and advisor to the Drug Free America Foundation.

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