Blogging goodness

I am very pleased with the results of the move from SalonBlogs and RadioUserland to DreamHost and WordPress. Most people have found us in the new digs, and thanks to the marvelous Lawrence Lee at SalonBlogs, so has Google. He put 301 re-directs on some of the most popular pages on my old site to their equivalent pages here, and now if you search Google for “Why is marijuana illegal,” “Drug war victims,” or “the drug czar is required by law to lie” the number one result will be the appropriate pages on the new site (I was really worried that I’d lose all that Google advantage).

Thanks to all of you for joining in the discussions and helping to make this transition fun.

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4 Responses to Blogging goodness

  1. sixtyfps says:

    I’m really glad you kept The Google Advantage. (Every part of that phrase is worth capitalizing.)

  2. jhelion says:

    it seems that the new site is more conducive to more commenters as well – lots of good stuff

  3. kaptinemo says:

    Many thanks to you, Pete, for having this site at all.

    OT from this thread: Schools Learn Lessons From Strip Search Case; Attorneys advise educators seeking drugs to call police

    This is what happens when over-zealous school officials get their pinkies burned for being such jerks.

  4. truthtechnician says:

    Thanks Pete, your insight and dedication are deeply appreciated by people all over America from all sorts of lifestyles and socio-economic segments.

    I like the variety in your audience. From people new to the drug war, to distinguished activists. Some are old and some are young and angry (like me).

    You provide me with an outlet I cannot find anywhere else.

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