This won’t end well

Colombia-US base accord reached

Colombia says it has completed talks with Washington on allowing US troops to use seven of its military bases.

Under the deal, the US military will be able to operate on Colombian soil to tackle drug-trafficking and terrorism.

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3 Responses to This won’t end well

  1. Jack Alexander says:

    Earlier today the report was that they were going to allow some Navy SEALS train there. I get the impression that someone is planning some other kind of war in the region. There’s oil in them thar hills. Columbia being the fine upstanding nation it is doesn’t really have oil. They just drill at an angle towards the Venezuelan fields. Just another excuse for the neo-cons and the wealthy to spill the blood of the lower classes so they can profit off of pollution while also profiting off of the work of the lower classes as the parasites they are do.

  2. truthtechnician says:

    Demand will be met regardless. Reduce coca cultivation in Columbia and it will increase somewhere else.

  3. Buc says:

    Didn’t work before. So let’s try it again!!!

    I just wonder how long it will be until Mexico has American military bases installed.

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