The Sadomoralist leading the Illiterate

Mark “Can I watch while you lock the cell door?” Souder meets Gil “Words aren’t in my vocabulary” Kerlikowske.

souderFORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – U.S. Representative Mark Souder and Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Director Gil Kerlikowske will host a roundtable discussion on Monday, August 31 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. regarding national drug control policy and strategy.

The roundtable, which is one of eight regional meetings with public health and safety leaders from the community, will take place at the Landmark Conference Centre in Fort Wayne, Indiana. […]

Media are invited to attend the last 15 minutes of the roundtable discussion, from 3:15 to 3:30 p.m. Following the event, Souder and Kerlikowske will be available to the media to discuss the event and answer questions.

Any media in Fort Wayne willing to ask some real questions?

[Thanks, Tom]
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20 Responses to The Sadomoralist leading the Illiterate

  1. Guy#1 says:

    Even if they do, he’ll just say it’s not in my vocabulary.

  2. ezrydn says:

    Wonder if Howard’s going.

  3. Tim says:

    Wonder what his thoughts are on Shake and Bake? Guess there is always a way around prohibition.

    In the news:

    Shake and Bake:

  4. paul says:

    The shake and bake thing is really interesting. If it is true and the practice becomes widespread, it will have the ironic effect of reducing drug gang income and the meth trade, street corner dealing, etc., all while the authorities bitterly resist it.

    In a few years, maybe we will see MJ legalization and the unstoppable, easy availability of meth, which would mean the only thing left for the drug gangs to profit on would be heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy.

    The other drugs, like mushrooms and acid are more exotic and the cartels can’t make any money off them. Meth can substitute for cocaine for a lot of people, and we may well see heroin maintenance clinics in the next ten years.

    These changes combined with our government’s recent impoverishment, could give us a piecemeal legalization before we know it!

  5. Steve Clay says:

    @Tim: Great quote from one of the Shake and Bake stories:

    …others say the only way to minimize meth making is maximizing jail time.
    Sheriff Chumley says, “People being punished and punished according to the crimes they commit. Not for a little time but a long time and give them something to think about.”

    What a helpful chum!

  6. DdC says:

    I thought we decided to not put these hideous creatures on public display. Sewer can’t do much about his hate for America or his pimples and open sores. Being raised by rodents leaves little in social amenities or understanding. As tempting as it is to stare, this deranged dysfunctional scab of humanity deserves privacy. Please don’t embarrass his toothless family or their trailer park friends exposing this critter in public. The best we can hope is he crawls back into his burrow, and it collapses. This parasitic disease has sickened more Americans than the Influenza virus, AIDs Smallpox and STDs combined. And there is no known vaccination. If contact has to be made call the CDC for HazMat training and protection.

    Past Souder Delusions
    * Harsh Souder Drug Bill Coming Soon To Congress
    * Congressmen Urged Raid on MMJ Clubs
    * Our Education: Up in Smoke!
    * Souder Orders to FDA Backfiring!
    * A Lie College Students Might Want To Tell (Souder Thread)
    * Mark Souder is the scum of the earth DrugWarRant
    * Mark Souder Can Suck It

    Better pics of narc sewer scum of the earth

    Souder Illusionist.jpg

    Jive Souder.jpg

    FactCheck Articles

    US: Obituary: Rose D. Friedman
    Rose D. Friedman, an economist who collaborated with her husband, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, and helped bring their ideas about the virtues of free markets to the masses, died of a heart ailment Aug. 18 at her home in Davis, Calif.

    Freidman Quote 132344.jpg

  7. Buc says:

    This is like having a round table with Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh on whether torture should be okay.

  8. jhelion says:

    I wonder if they will outlaw 2 liter bottles due to shake and bake.

  9. paul says:

    They may just outlaw sudafed altogether, or make it prescription only. That’s the next obvious step from the government’s point of view, but the makers of those drugs will certainly resist.

    I admit to a certain perverse pleasure in seeing something outside the control of authority. When one of the shake and bake stories described police as “frustrated”, it gave me a rush of pure joy. Oh no! The police officers are frustrated! Haw ha ha.

    The poor dears. They better get used to it, because their profession has had a century of frustration and failure with drugs, and drugs ain’t goin’ nowhere in the next century, neither.

    As for Sheriff Chumley, his existence is proof there’s no justice in this world (as though we needed any more examples). Perhaps he can explain why he thinks people should be locked in cages for getting high to God in the next world. That applies to the rest of the cruel and cynical law and order set–better hope there’s no Hell or Kharma in the hereafter, because the bill’s coming due one of these days.

  10. jhelion says:

    regarding the notion of questions that couldbeshouldbe asked, Pete, didn’t you have an open topic some time back that solicited just that – what top Qs should be asked?

  11. @paul: ah yes, the rush of being on the winning side 😀

  12. DdC says:

    Argentina court ruling would allow personal use of pot By Arthur Brice
    (CNN) — Argentina’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday it is unconstitutional to punish an adult for private use of marijuana as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.

    Supreme Court Justice Carlos Fayt, who at one time supported laws that make personal use of marijuana illegal, told the state-run Telam news agency that “reality” changed his mind.

  13. ezrydn says:

    It would seem science is winning out over the Single Convention.

  14. kaptinemo says:

    I came across this Tom Paine quote at Glenn Greenwald’s site:

    “An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

    Ol’ Marky Souder never seems to have learned this. All he wants to do is punish, punish, PUNISH his way to Utopia…while singing Hosannas all the way down the Road to Hell.

  15. allan420 says:

    Wanna bet no one from our side will be in that meeting? Wanna bet that there will be at least one protestor asking questions?

    I’m hoping folks will be there. SSDP? LEAP? NORML? C’mon y’all… and someone please take Gil a dictionary!

  16. DdC says:

    sorry duplicate post
    I missed the outside Argentina… do whatever

    Until the International Corporatism is dealt with,
    Legitimization isn’t likely. Competition is too big a bucks.
    It’s always been based on a lie. That hasn’t changed.
    If we can’t overturn the lies. This is just bar talk.
    Locally your neighbors either don’t care or can’t be trusted.
    Federally Carter decriminalized less than an ounce.
    Unless your busted with it or take a piz quiz or live in subsidized housing. The risk is minimal. If you’re inclined to toke, you will. If you want it legal or want to make a bunch of money on it. You are higher risk and more likely to get busted. It is founded on fibs so nothing is going to be righteous, even the illegalities aren’t enforced by legal standards of Justice. Racism, Classism and Life Stations. Plea bargains and geography determin outcomes more than truth. Its terrorizing American citizens. USAl Qaeda, and until the lie is dealt with and it just becomes a plant again. Nothing is safe from their tyranny and oppression, suppression, repression and everything but compassion. Its more fathomable some would want it outlawed, while some would like it unlawed. But why in heavens name would anyone want something in the middle? Prohibition clearly doesn’t work and yet we should keep a tad just in case? Let me predict the future.

    “It sounds good but we need more testing… la la la a year later.
    Petition to test. la la la another year… arbitrarily and capriciously denied by DEAth. Why? Because they can.
    Can we use our own? No must be Government grown sticks, leaves and seed parts rolled in dead tree and glue. Ok IOM report complete. Off to HHS, Tommy Tom? Tommy? Tommy can you hear me? Where’s the IOM Ganja re-verification of the Whooton, Shafer, La Guardia and Indian Hemp Commission. No buds touched in the making of this report. After HHS approves the 1999 releaed report it goes to the FDA to test. They have never touched a bud either. Not Hemp Seed nutrition or Rx Ganja. Only NIDA to feed propaganda groups. The FDA “workers” opinion of what he heard about “marijuana” leaked as an official FDA recommendation. All you need are lies, lies, lies are all ya need.

    Nixon lied to schedule Ganja #1

    “The law itself is on trial
    quite as much as the case which is to be decided”

    – Judge Harlan F. Stone,
    Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1941-1946

    Jury Nullification

    “Based upon the facts established in this record
    and set out above, one must reasonably conclude that there is accepted safety for use of marijuana under medical supervision. To conclude otherwise, on this record, would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious….”

    — Judge Francis Young

    Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

    …not the medicinal marijuana act…
    It is to keep Americans out of prison.
    Only those with greedy vested interest refuse to adhere to the law.

    or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.

    ANY as in any regardless of rehab’gulag day dreams…

    upon the written or oral recommendation
    or approval of a physician or medical care provider.

    written or oral recommendation… not prescription.

    Section 11357, relating to the possession of marijuana, and Section 11358, relating to the cultivation of marijuana, shall not apply to a patient, or to a patient’s primary caregiver,

    Reasonable amount is not a quantity, the only ones worried about quantity are cops trying to cage more Americans. They really have no say in medicinal issues or citizens recreational preferences. Leave it to cops and politicians and we’d still be speaking cockney…

    or Boosheney Inc Fossil Fools,Poisons,Prisons&Potions?

  17. Bob smith says:

    Why doesn’t somebody ask about what Ol’ Gil thinks of the drug czar job description requiring him to oppose any and all legalization efforts of S1 drugs?

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