Personal Marijuana Use OK in Argentina


Argentina’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday it is unconstitutional to punish an adult for private use of marijuana as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. […]

Supreme Court Justice Carlos Fayt, who at one time supported laws that make personal use of marijuana illegal, told the state-run Telam news agency that “reality” changed his mind.

Boy, that’s some Constitution they must have there, to actually protect the rights of citizens against over-reach by government. Too bad we couldn’t have something like that here…

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5 Responses to Personal Marijuana Use OK in Argentina

  1. truthtechnician says:

    We do have a constitution that protects these rights. It’s the courts who have twisted words to the point where they have no capacity for meaning anymore.

  2. jhelion says:

    one can easily search and find where the wo(s)d has been used to usurp at least the first 10 amendments in the BOR, and the prohibs don’t realize that this is precedent to ultimately go after them as well, be it fatty foods, nicotine, guns, video games….

  3. Katharine says:

    “reality” changed his mind…. I love that line…

  4. kaptinemo says:

    What we’re witnessing should come as no surprise. Uncle is in big financial trouble, and cannot afford the War on (Some) Drugs anymore. And that means less money in (US taxpayer supplied) ‘foreign aid’ going to ‘anti-drug’ programs…which usually went into the pockets of the corrupt local government and its’ cat’s-paws like death squads.

    Those Latin American nations who’ve recently extricated themselves from authoritarian rule know only too well about that particular arrangement, and know how much the issue of illegal drugs is used by the US as an excuse to meddle in their internal affairs. They know that so long as some drugs remain illegal, in their own countries, that US-held cudgel can be swung over their heads.

    So a few of them are pushing things internally to the point there will have to be a debate in international circles about repudiating the UN Single Convention Treaty on drugs. And then it’s ‘game over’ for international drug prohibition, as there are vastly more governments that have been hurt by that treaty than have been helped by it. And I suspect that it will be the Latin American nations that will lead the charge.

  5. Nick Zentor says:

    Man, I know where I’m moving to when (if) my ship comes in.
    I was planning on Canada, but the way it’s going now is too much like the US. I’m thinking the further away from the US (DEA), the better.

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