Obama on the Drug War in Mexico: ‘I got nuthin’

NorthAmerica_Leaders3The North American Leaders Summit concluded today. Naturally, it would seem that the drug war in Mexico would be a major item of discussion.

If it was, solutions were not part of the conversation. Obama’s remarks were remarkably lacking in substance — keep sending the money, keep up the “police action,” oh, and say bad things about the cartels to deflect concerns about human rights abuses.

Regarding the U.S.-Mexico agenda, Obama stressed his support for the $1.4 billion Merida Initiative – aimed at bolstering the battle against drugs in Mexico and Central America – and for Calderon’s efforts on that score, even though human rights groups have criticized the Mexican president’s militarized approach to the problem.

“I have great confidence in President Calderon’s administration applying the law enforcement techniques that are necessary to curb the power of the cartels, but doing so in a way that’s consistent with human rights,” Obama said in response to a reporter’s question.

“The biggest, by far, violators of human rights right now are the cartels themselves that are kidnapping people and extorting people and encouraging corruption in these regions,” he added.

Really? That’s what you’ve got? First of all, who needs to be told that the cartels are bad people?* I don’t really think that there’s a cartel fan club in town.

The point isn’t the dastardly nature of the cartels. The point is coming up with policy that actually improves things rather than making things worse.

And it’s clear that nothing resembling good policy showed up at the summit.

* When I first read the linked article about Los Zetas, I thought they had mistakenly put a picture of a Star Wars convention with the article. Then I blew up the picture and looked closer and it scared the crap out of me.

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11 Responses to Obama on the Drug War in Mexico: ‘I got nuthin’

  1. Buc says:

    When I look at the pictures of the Mexican cops/soldiers with the cartel members, I am always hit by a sense of irony.

    On one hand we have the group that is looking thuggish, faces covered and carrying military-grade weapons.

    And then we have the cartel members.

    Nobody supports organized crime. This begs the question, who do you turn to when the organized crime in the form of drug cartels are being fought by the organized crime syndicate known as the government?

  2. kaptinemo says:

    Congrats on your new digs, Pete!

    And as to Prez Obama’s little sojourn, well, I had a feeling we were going to to get Slick Willie Lite when it came to drug policy, with Mr. Kerlikowske’s recent blatherings not being slapped down as they should have been, and it seems that that’s what’s happening. It remains to be seen just how long that lasts when the next turn of the economic screw applies more pressure to the taxpayers…who need all that money for unemployment insurance.

  3. ezrydn says:

    Watching the news last night here made me KNOW that you wouldn’t see it up there. The 3 Presidents (Ok, 2+1PM) took questions from the press. Obama wouldn’t or couldn’t answer the press questions. He looked dumb and stupid.

    Of course, not even the great Fox news will show you that part. But it was sure on the news here last night. He not only “got nuttin’,” he had “nuttin.”

  4. Actually, there are drug cartel “fan clubs.” Many of the drug lords spread their ill-gotten gains around, building schools, hospitals and housing for the poor (while providing them the construction jobs).

    Now, I’m not giving the cartels props – not by a long shot. But they are stepping up and making good on the unfulfilled promises of local government: promises that could be easily delivered by the state through ending drug prohibition.

  5. InsanityRules says:

    Remember when the bad guys wore the masks – and the ones who looked like college co-eds were the victims?

    Nothin’ like the drug war to confuse the issues of good and evil…

  6. “I have great confidence in President Calderon’s administration applying the law enforcement techniques that are necessary to curb the power of the cartels, but doing so in a way that’s consistent with human rights,” Obama said in response to a reporter’s question.

    Law enforcement and their “techniques” have not been able to curb the power of the cartels. Confidence won’t change that.

  7. ezrydn says:

    OT – Those of you who didn’t get to see “American Violet,” like myself, can download the movie at http://www.davidmovie.com

  8. Cliff says:

    It doesn’t appear in this article, but I could swear that I saw a statement by Calderone to the effect that…He is doing a good job in Mexico and pointing out that the cartels are getting help from LEOs in the US and corruption is not limited to the LEOs in Mexico. I suspect that he is identifying the link between the CIA black money ops and the cartels or something which is aiding drug shipments travelling north of the US border.

    Anyone seen the same article?

  9. ROE says:

    Geeesh! My first look at that picture did the same to me! Stormtroopers! Wow ,hard to tell good guys from bad now.

    Looks like our (USA) leaders are going to just keep throwing money at the fire while more die in mexico, more get arrested in the us. More lives ruined all around! Yup, confidents and money will solve this…you bet ya(sarcasm).

    Seems to me thats all our leaders(USA) know how to do throw our hard earned tax money at problems and hope it will solve itself. Mean while we go broke. What a world we live in!

  10. allan420 says:

    with cartel drug money (cash) reportedly propping up some banks, the propensity of certain recalcitrant gummint agencies to use drug money (cash) to fund black ops… with leaders like Senor Gil who know truth other than what they speak… does anyone here believe this whole quagmire (not Glenn) is not serving its true purpose in the form it has taken on today?

    Throughout history there has been no “great society” that has not fallen flat on its proverbial face. Whether it’s social/cultural upheaval, a big (like really, realllly big) rock falling on the planet from the sky or the apparent inherent corruption that seems to insinuate itself into any government… there’s a bump ahead and the question is whether we’ll be buckled up or get thrown from the vehicle when we hit it. And we will hit it… hopefully many of us will have the help of nature’s neuroprotectant when we roll off the mountain side.

  11. kaptinemo says:

    And let us not forget that mysterious coke-laden jet that crashed almost 2 years ago near Cancun. Odd how there’s no answers regarding that little oopsie, isn’t it?

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