Congressman wants to outlaw Koosh

A picture named koosh.jpg
Who could be against this fun little stress-relieving ball? Well, apparently, according to WGN ‘reporter’ Judie Garcia, that would be Illinois Representative Mark Kirk.

It also sells for more on the street, and on the street, it’s commonly known as “koosh.”
“Koosh is a modified marijuana that delivers up to ten times the THC level of the marijuana we may have seen in the 1960s and 70s,” Congressman Mark Kirk said.

Except, of course, nobody calls it “koosh.” (not even the Congressman) And a search of Google shows “koosh” most commonly refers to the ball pictured.
Judie Garcia also claims:

A strain of highly-potent marijuana is hitting the Chicago suburbs and causing concern for local lawmakers. Now they’re calling for stricter laws against trafficking.

Yet she fails to mention a single lawmaker other than Mark Kirk.
Judie Garcia of WGN “News” also fails to actually report anything except what Mark Kirk says about “koosh” (such as, oh, any facts, or what someone else might say about Kirk’s stupid bill).
Mark Kirk is an idiot and a fool. His “kush” bill (calling for up to 25 years for even a first offense of certain marijuana dealing) is ridiculous and unlikely to go anywhere. Hopefully a bone-headed move like this will term-limit him.
But irresponsible reporting like that of Judie Garcia’s should also result in consequences.
For more coverage of Mark Kirk’s outrageous bill, see Congressman Proposes 25 Years In Prison For Pot by Paul Armentano at NORML.

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