MAPinc needs volunteer editors

This could be a great opportunity for some DrugWarRant readers with a little extra time. MAP is a great resource for the drug policy reform community, but can’t exist without the people who actually sort through all the incoming drug policy articles.
Here’s a note from MAP’s Senior Editor Richard Lake:

As many of you know last year we lost prolific volunteer editors Elizabeth Wehrman and Derek Rea. The passing of Beth was recognized here and Derek here
Another previously prolific volunteer editor has cut back on his volunteer work for medical reasons.
The result is that over 95% of the articles posted during the last 15 days have been edited by Jay Bergstrom and Richard – a total of 435 articles. Both are struggling to keep up the pace.
In the last year Jo-D Harrison has extensively updated our editor training system. We desperately need more volunteer editors. We are both ready to assist any volunteers.
The work of being a volunteer editor is rewarding. The amount of work each volunteer does is completely under their control.
Please, if you or anybody you know would like to explore being a volunteer editor contact Jo-D at or Richard at
Thank You.

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