Another installment of ‘The Company You Keep’

It really does get interesting to see who comes out of the woodwork to defend prohibition. And more and more, they’re the real nut cases.
John English: The Drug War

Marijuana is a life and death issue for your children. Drug use is not a game! Users are thoroughly out of control! Their myopic mindset sees only it‰s hedonistic desire. They have come to hate law enforcement, those who respect it and would bring about the end of civilized society if let be.

English also wrote yesterday: Medical marijuana

The societal ills, attributable to marijuana, warrant keeping it illegal! The term, ‹Medical marijuanaŠ is a misnomer. Plain and simple, legalization is a dangerous scam and needs to be exposed as such! It‰s no more a medicine than is the elixir a snake-oil salesman sold off the back of his covered wagon — the one that mixed opium with alcohol! Marijuana has been intentionally misrepresented to be medicinal, by those who want to get high, without incurring the consequences.

Of course, this is not anyone of real significance, but he is the caliber of most of those today who write in favor of continued (or increased) prohibition.
See Ted Nugent: Ted Nugent: We could be winning war on drugs

Legalizing drugs would be like pouring gasoline on a blazing fire in hopes of extinguishing it.
We have all the laws we need to fight drugs. What America needs is the willpower and a renewed warrior spirit to crush evil and evil-doers. […]
Every American who smokes dope, manufactures, buys or sells meth or uses any illegal drug is aiding and abetting the enemies of America. Case closed.
This spiritual inbreeding and cannibalism must be identified, admitted and stopped immediately. America can and must do this. Good over evil. Next.

This is pure crazy.
When you look at these, and then read the statements of the supposedly ‘sane’ prohibitionists out there, you start to realize that there’s not really that much difference…
Kevin Sabet: The price of legalizing pot is too high

What is rarely discussed, however, is that the likely increase in marijuana prevalence resulting from legalization would probably increase the already high costs of marijuana use in society. Accidents would increase, healthcare costs would rise and productivity would suffer.

In sections, he at least sounds more reasonable than Ted Nugent, John English, or Stephen Baldwin (and has a better sense of grammar), yet when you analyze the content, the disconnect from reality (and lack of interest in facts) is palpable, and has little difference from the crazies.
Interestingly, in the Sabet article, you get the impression that he’s trying to line up with Caulkins and Kleiman. Make of that what you will.

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