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“bullet” Maia Szalavitz: Is the Media Finally Getting it On Drug Policy?

For years, virtually every internet discussion of drug policy has been dominated by drug policy reformers and outright legalization advocates–but this growing sentiment amongst the most educated and connected went unreported.
Maybe the MSM is finally waking up–they can no longer simply create and re-enforce conventional wisdom. When the facts about drugs are only a few clicks away, the propaganda loses its luster.
Given that the vast majority of journalists have smoked pot and at least a third of those in their 40’s or up have probably taken cocaine without significant problems, does it really make sense for them to go on carrying water for the drug warriors, worrying about “the children” and infantilizing their audiences by repeating myths that many must know themselves to be untrue?

“bullet” David Sirota in the Denver Post: This is the truth on drugs … any questions?

Indeed, as federal agencies acknowledge alcohol’s key role in deadly illnesses and domestic violence, their latest anti-pot fear mongering is an ad campaign insisting Ö I kid you not Ö that marijuana is dangerous because it makes people zone out on their couches and diminishes video gaming skills.
(This is your government on drugs: Cirrhosis and angry tank-topped lushes beating their wives are more acceptable risks than stoners sitting in their basements ineptly playing Halo … any questions?).

“bullet” Will Wilkinson in The Week:

My name is Will Wilkinson. I smoke marijuana, and I like it.

“bullet” Out of The Cannabis Closet at The Daily Dish:

“I am a self made multi-millionaire with three houses in three states including a ski house in Colorado and a penthouse apartment in Manhattan. I’m happily married and keep fit by running 15 miles a week and working out regularly. I support the arts and other charities heavily. I oftentimes work long hours and manage a crew of about 70 people. I have been a weed smoker for as long as I can remember. Recently I received a glass bong as a present. Tonight my friends and I are going to rip huge tubes of sweet OG kush and get high as shit. Then I will take my responsible millionaire ass and plant it in front of the TV for a long night of xbox and candy eating. I will laugh uncontrollably and have a fantastic time. These nights of Xbox and reefer is one of the best things in my life… And I got a pretty damn good life.”

“bullet” DrugSense Weekly
“bullet” “drcnet”

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