Combatting Swine Flu with Cannabis?


Cannabis Science Inc., an emerging pharmaceutical cannabis company, reported today on the current state of development of its whole-cannabis lozenge in response to Homeland Security Administration Secretary Janet Napolitano’s declaration of a public health emergency to deal with the emerging Swine Flu pandemic. The Company’s non-toxic lozenge has properties that could alleviate many of the symptoms and harmful effects of the H5N1 bird flu and H1N1 swine flu viruses, and has offered its assistance to HSA today in a letter to Secretary Napolitano. The Company has offered to produce up to 1 million doses of its whole-cannabis lozenge, and provide them to HSA for distribution at cost.

The claims include the fact that marijuana (although specifically not smoked marijuana) can reduce excessive inflammation that can lead to lethal effects of influenza.
So, what are the odds that Secretary Napolitano will accept this generous offer?

[Thanks to Show Me The Facts]
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  1. One of my sisters got infected with H1N1 or more commonly known as Swine Flu. Fortunately, she did not have very high fever and she was able to recover fast .

  2. My brother got infected with H1N1 or Swine Flu in Mexico. He got a mild fever and luckily he did not die.

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