And now for a slight diversion

I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days — every now and then all my other interests overwhelm and I just can’t keep up with what I’d like to do here.
Those only interested in drug policy should probably skip this post, but I know some readers like to hear what I do in other areas now and then.
One of the student groups I work (Theatre of Ted) with held a 4-square marathon to raise money for student scholarships. They started at 5 pm on Wednesday and finished at 9 am on Saturday – 64 straight hours for a new record. And yes, I was there the entire time, cooking for the students, sometimes playing. Then on Saturday and Sunday I slept.
I’m also helping out Illinois State University’s Improv Mafia — the current national college improv champions. Next week, they are performing a fully Improvised Musical, and I am playing the piano for it (which means, of course, that I am performing a completely improvised musical accompaniment). It’s delightful fun and quite a challenge. Performances are free (Thursday at 6 pm, Saturday at 9:30 pm, and Sunday at 4 pm) in Centennial West 202 (very limited seating).
In addition to my full-time job as Assistant to the Dean of the College of Fine Arts, I’m planning some end-of-the-year student social events and plan to be conducting a roundtable discussion at SSDP’s Hempfest on April 22.
On Monday and Tuesday, May 11/12 at 7 pm at National Pastime Theater in Chicago, I’m holding auditions for my newest Living Canvas production: “Living Canvas Nocturne,” which will be performing at that theatre in July.
So every now and then, if it seems like I’m neglecting the blog for a couple of days, there’s probably something going on.

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