The research that isn’t being done

It’s always entertaining reading LEAP’s Howard Wooldridge’s reports of his activities on the Hill.
Recently, he discussed an interesting exchange at a seminar:

George Mason University‰s Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy sponsored ten (10) distinguished professors of criminology brought from all over the country to share their expertise with 150 attendees. For two hours each explained how this or that strategy would reduce crime, gang violence or both.
I was able to ask the first question: As a Michigan police detective a solid 70% of my felony case load touched crimes related to modern prohibition/war on drugs. Have any of you ever done any research or know of any research that shows how much felony crime would be reduced, if we repealed modern prohibition and these illegal drugs were sold like alcohol and cigarettes?
For a solid 5 seconds no one said anything! Finally, a brave professor from Temple University and former London, England police officer rose and said no, no studies have ever been done. […]
As I was leaving the Russell Senate Office Building, the Brit commented how he liked my jacket (THIS COP SAYS STOP THE DRUG WAR). He and the last speaker and I enjoyed a robust discussion on the 5 minute walk to the Metro. It was mentioned that the feds fund most of the professors‰ research and one must be careful.
Can you spell uncomfortable? As a bonus to the seminar, another attendee asked the moderator from George Mason University: Since GMU has the Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy, why don‰t you do the research that the detective asked about earlier? Isn‰t that your job? The University official mumbled something that I on the first row could not hear. LOL

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