Steve Steiner keeps trying (unsuccessfully) to be relevant

Pretty poor timing for our dead-son exploiting* Steve Steiner.
On February 10, I noted that Gil Kerlikowske had been selected as the new drug czar nominee. This was confirmed by the next day.
On February 13, Steve Steiner puts out a media advisory:

Media Advisory: Guest for Discussion on National Drug Czar Position

Father who lost his son to drug overdose ready to speak up on National Drug Czar position.

No, he wasn’t making himself available to discuss Gil Kerlikowske. He had apparently missed the news. The media advisory was to promote someone else:

Mr. Steiner feels passionate about the current issue and has someone in mind for the position — Mr. Ronald Brooks

So who is Ronald Brooks? I’ve written about him before He’s a hard-core opportunistic drug warrior, who also happens to be a first-class illiterate idiot. About the only worse choices would be Calvina Fay, Mark Souder, or the Semblers.
The good news about this silliness is that if people like Steiner and Brooks are what the opposition have to offer, the drug war is doomed.
*for those who don’t know about Steiner and think I’m being insensitive, note that his son overdosed from crushing and snorting OcyContin, and Steiner now accepts money from Purdue Pharmaceuticals (makers of OxyContin) to campaign against medical marijuana.

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