Republicans in Illinois still can’t buy a clue

It’s so sad to be in a state where the Democrats have to be both the party in charge and the opposition party at the same time (It was the Democrats who impeached our Democratic governor). Unfortunately, the rules make it very difficult for Libertarians to get on the ballot, and the state Republican party is startlingly pathetic (this is the brain-trust who ran carpet-bagger Alan Keyes against Barack Obama for the Senate after briefly considering Andrea Barthwell).
Illinois Review is a joke and now we learn the brilliance of the Illinois Republican Liberty Caucus.
They tried to attack Radley Balko today. Twice. The First time was because Radley found it odd that they would use the words “child porno” when discussing an attorney who had represented clients like Playboy. Their intelligent attack on Radley was something along the lines of “Oh, yeah? Well child pornography is illegal. So there.”
They they decided that they had him for lying on his bio — he said that he wrote a bi-weekly column for and they claimed he was lying because they could only find two columns under his name at! The RLC took down that post once they realized the extent of their stupidity.
Note: This really has nothing to do with drug policy, but you don’t attack Radley for no reason and get away with it around here.
Update: It gets even more deliciously absurd. In their first attack on Balko, they showed a picture of him, but they hotlinked to it from his site (a completely boneheaded move since they were stealing his bandwidth and he controls what’s on his own site). So he simply switched the image for this one (scroll down), and now the RLC is accusing him of hacking their site! What morons!
OK, I take it back — the Republican Party in Illinois is clueless, but this circus from the Illinois RLC is beyond clueless, and it’s unfair to the Illinois Republican Party for me to link the RLC to them.

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