Make Calvina Fay cry

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Anti-drug groups are anything but amused by the idea of California collecting a windfall from the leafy herb that remains illegal under federal law.
“This would open another door in Pandora’s box,” said Calvina Fay, executive director of Save Our Society From Drugs. “Legalizing drugs like this would create a whole new set of costs for society.”

Next to it, you should see a poll: Should the state tax and regulate marijuana?
You know what to do.

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3 Responses to Make Calvina Fay cry

  1. Kal says:

    Calvina Fack,

    Why don’t your read about the therapeutic values of marijuana, it’s actually called conducting research, instead of reciting hyperbole that you heard/were indoctrinated with during your obviously probably home schooled line of study.

    If you are brave enough to put out the garbage I saw at your website, are you brave enough to read about some of the know benefits of marijuana?

    If you are, you can start here with these articles, if you don’t we’ll at least know for a fact that you don’t verify your so-called facts and are thus not trusted to be intellectually honest when mentioned in any :, or any of this:

    Cannabinoids: potential anticancer agents

    Nature Reviews Cancer Review (01 Oct 2003)

    See all 4 matches for Reviews

    Pharmacology Marijuana and your heart

    Nature News and Views (07 Apr 2005)

    Intestinal tumor progression is promoted by decreased apoptosis and dysregulated Wnt signaling in Ceacam1 −/− mice

    Oncogene Original Article

    JunD is involved in the antiproliferative effect of Δ 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol on human breast cancer cells

    Oncogene Original Article

    Cannabinoid modulation of hippocampal long-term memory is mediated by mTOR signaling

    Nature Neuroscience Article (01 Sep 2009)

    Since you are beneath me in your lying and false accusations, I don’t think that I’m going to bother to go back and work on providing you with these links.

    I somehow hope that one day you’ll see that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco(s), but trying to change a brainwashed mind is more than I care to attempt to do.

    Not to mention that what people put in their bodies is certainly none of your business unless you are somehow hurt by cancer/aids patients being able to hold down their food and medicine so it will work and also build some body mass. Or the fact that marijuana helps lower interocular pressure reducing the chance for the paitents problem to end up being severe glaucoma/blindness. And I could go on. But

  2. Dave says:

    Same old antiquated rhetoric, which still has a similar tone to the prohibitional messages sent through media since the 1930s. Use your head; know what you’re talking about before you talk Calvina. She’s like one of the last few dinosaurs still standing. It’s 2010, and there will be many who will look back at this debate in years to come and ask, “what was all the fuss about?”

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