Live from the Conference

The 2009 Missouri NORML/SSDP Conference is underway with a great start. After the excellent welcomes from Evan Groll and Scott Lauher (who deserve a big hand for putting this together, with others, of course), I led things off with my elevator arguments workshop. Great participation from the very engaged and large group in attendance.
A picture named thornton.jpg
Cliff Thornton then delivered the keynote, with an interesting discussion about what we do after legalization to make the transition work a societal status with “innocent” people in prison and large groups of drug war dependent workers, to a completely new societal dynamic.
I highly recommend Shakespeare’s Pizza in Columbia – oh, and a shout out to Joe and Sarah and all the others I chatted with so far. I’m looking forward to some more stimulating discussion tomorrow.
For those conference attendees new to Drug WarRant, here are a few links to things I was discussing:

Join in the conversation (and for those who won the thongs, let me know how you like them!)

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