Think Outside the Bun

When the drug czar claimed that there were more medical marijuana outlets in San Francisco than Starbucks locations (and who cares?), there was a bit of a blowback because the numbers they used made no sense at all.
Well, the media picked it up, ridiculed it, forced the drug czar to change the numbers on its blog… and even Starbucks stepped in to correct them.
So now the Drug Czar has a new post claiming that, while the Starbucks comparison may be weak, at least there are more medical marijuana outlets than there are Taco Bells.
Can that office get any more ridiculous or irrelevant?
I guess they’re trying to get all the medical marijuana providers to move into one box store so the DEA can bust it easier. After all, there are a limited number of days for this administration to clear out all the state-authorized medical providers and stop them from providing relief to sick people.
Hmm… with the Taco Bell reference, maybe Walters is looking for a job as a burrito taster.

[Thanks for the tip, ezrydn]

Update: Should have known to read Scott Morgan first. He’s on it.

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