Place your bets

Let’s take a break from speculating on the next drug czar, and take a moment to speculate on this one.
Sometime in the next 62 days, John Walters is going to resign as Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.
So let’s hear your guesses about his future. The winner gets a mug or something (maybe a job as a burrito taster).
1. Walters undoubtedly has his next job already lined up. It could be in a drug testing firm (he’s certainly been selling his soul to promote drug testing and is due some major payback from that industry). It could also be in a company that needs government and international contacts (and while Walters is an idiot, he’s spent years dealing with foreign governments and Presidential-level leaders — former DEA head Karen Tandy got a job with Motorola to take advantage of her foreign contacts).
Name the company that hires him (or at least the field).
2. Speaking of student drug testing and all the people who profit from it, here’s an interesting little organization – the Student Drug Testing Coalition. Check out the list at the bottom of that page — names like Barthwell, DuPont, Nalepka, and more.
When will Walters’ name show up on that list?
3. Walters’ mentor, William Bennett, has made a career of appearing on political gossip TV shows (of course Bennett had more careers than just drug policy). Walters has generally avoided appearances where he might get tough questions.
After he resigns, will he show up on the talk-show circuit or not?
4. During tough economic times, if someone publicly screws up every aspect of their job for years and then resigns, generally you might think that they’d have a hard time finding employment. With all his failures, will Walters be forced to go on unemployment or to ask people if they want fries with their meal?

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