Guest Blogger Scott Morgan

Not really, but…
I’m busy clearing up some work and getting ready to go to the SSDP conference on Friday, so I’m taking advantage of the fact that Scott tends to say what I think anyway.

  1. Eric Holder. There’s already been some discussion about Obama’s likely Attorney General pick in comments and elsewhere. I agree with Scott’s analysis. Sure, there are seriously troubling things in his past statements, but who in political mainstream wouldn’t have said things in the past that we wouldn’t like, depending on the context. There are also positives. He appears to be smart and have a more appropriate view of the role of justice in this country than we’ve seen for a while.
    So, like Scott, I reserve judgement.
  2. Marijuana Might be Good for Your Memory. A new study has found that… whoa, man. What was I just talking about?
    Oh, right. Long term memory. Whole different thing.
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