Clergy Speak Out Against ‘The War on Drugs’ – update: link fixed

Here’s a little Sunday morning inspiration for you. Send it to all your church-going friends and relatives. It’s just over 9 minutes long and it’s a must-see.

“It’s so important for us, as both religious leaders… as members of congregations, to resist any sort of complicity, any sort of willingness to go along with this, because I think that ultimately really compromises our life of faith and our own morality.”

– Father Earl Kooperkamp, St. Mary’s Episcopal

“I would hold the religious community responsible for that. I think it’s an aspect of American puritanism/ And then we got into hysteria around that — in a way it’s a projection of anxiety onto certain people, again for puritanical purposes. And so, once we went down this path, then fueled by religious communities who supported it, it just picked up steam. And now it’s one of the reasons that we, as religious leaders, need to speak out against it, because we were responsible for it.”

– The Very Rev. Scott Richardson, St. Paul’s Episcopal, San Diego

“It needs to be repealed. It can’t be just reformed. The whole system has to.. the whole drug policy and those laws have to be repealed.”

– Sister Marion Defeis, Catholic prison chaplain, ret.

Here’s an expanded Part 2, which is 17 minutes.
Another great job by Mike Gray.
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(Also posted on the Drug War Videos page.)

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