Those infallible drug-sniffing dogs

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a questionable plan in Bartonville, Illinois to be “proactive” in drug enforcement, and while details were lacking, it seemed suspiciously like an unconstitutional fishing expedition on the part of police (perhaps testing the extremes of the horrible Supreme Court decision in Illinois v. Caballes).
It appears, based on this report from Peoria Pundit, that my suspicions were well-founded (and that their dog is like every other drug-sniffing dog — mostly worthless).

But there‰s the funny part: Their dog is ‹busted.Š As in ‹broken.Š As in ‹doesn‰t work.Š A source tells me of one person who was stopped in one of these ‹proactiveŠ enforcement events. Police took him out of his car and made him stand there while the drug-sniffing dog circled the car, sniffing away. The dog found nothing, which is understandable, since the driver didn‰t have ANY drugs in the car.
But he DID have a small bag of weed in his pants.
Certainly, the driver thought, this dog is eventually going to hit on the grass in his pocket. Nope. Nothing. Not even after the dog took a good long sniff.

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