DEA — a record of constant failure

The Drug Enforcement Agency needs to be put out of its misery. It’s a completely failed, corrupt organization with no legitimate accomplishable goals, that’s being used for personal and political gain, dirty tricks, spying, drug-running, and undermining legitimate state and sovereign governments.
If that wasn’t enough, sometimes they’re also the keystone cops. A new audit discovered over 90 weapons and 230 laptop computers missing from the DEA, despite a bad audit for those specific items in 2002 and new procedures being put in place to better account for them.
And this follows a 2006 audit that took a look at the supposed $339 million the DEA had seized in 2005 and discovered they had no idea how close that number was to the truth, given the serious failures in following established procedures when dealing with cash.
But at least they’ve got a museum, and a brand new Spike-TV show.
Oh, and guns. They’ve got guns. (Except for the ones they lost, of course.)

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