The year is 2022 and drugs are legal

… in some places.
One of the reasons some people have difficulties with the notion of drug legalization is that they simply do not have the ability to imagine what such a thing would be like. All they can do is parrot the prohibitionist’s nonsense scenario of shrink-wrapped heroin injection packs on sale for $1 to toddlers in the 7-11.
We probably need to be better at helping people envision a world without the drug war as it exists today.
Well, Transform’s Steve Rolles has prepared a fascinating look into the future of the UK for this month’s Druglink Magazine:

The year is 2022 and drugs are legal… (pdf)

What Steve has done in the limited space given to him is focus on three future approaches:

  • Marijuana — the fully legal coffee shop model with legal personal growing and restrictions of use in public.
  • Cocaine — a regulated recreational prescription model
  • Heroin — the supervised maintenance model

It’s nicely imagined.
How did it come about?

The crunch moment came at the 2018 UN General Assembly Special Session when a coalition of over 20 countries, including much of Western Europe, Australasia, South America, Mexico and Canada, made it clear that they could no longer be a party to the increasingly redundant, ineffectual and often counter-productive strictures of the UN
drug conventions. They demanded the sovereign and democratic right to determine their own drug polices in accordance with their own needs

Unfortunately, Steve’s future is a little more bleak for some of us…

Different countries have adopted different regulatory models and policy is evolving rapidly. But not everywhere: old school punitive prohibition continues in the US, Sweden and Saudi Arabia

Definitely worth a read. What do you think of his scenario?

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