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December 2007



Ooh, scary drugs!

Whenever the Drug Czar links favorably to some news report, I pretty much expect that it’ll be pretty amazingly stupid.

Bertha Madras said drug use and abuse are associated with all kinds of problems. Madras, deputy director of demand reduction in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, mentioned that drugs can cause […]

Odds and Ends

Open Thread

Still on the road visiting family. Finally getting some internet access at my mom’s place in Iowa. Pretty strange to move one state over to Iowa and suddenly there is a massive Presidential campaign going on! Yard signs, endless TV ads, and more. Yet in Illinois, relative silence. What a dysfunctional electoral system. “bullet” In […]

NPR says Drug Czar’s claims full of holes

Holes Found in U.S. Claims of a Drug-War Win

For the past few months, the federal government has been celebrating the fact that U.S. cities are experiencing “an unprecedented cocaine shortage” due to increased law enforcement in the southwestern United States and Mexico. But fact-checking by NPR reveals that while there are indeed spot shortages […]

Open Thread

I’m going to be on the road for the next week visiting family. My online access will be spotty, but I’ll be stopping in now and then adding some more posts when I can. For those of you traveling – be safe. And I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas. “bullet” Just a Girl […]

Oakland’s Mayor Speaks Out

Supply Side Economics

They’re So Scared They Put 20 Tons on One Ship! by Jacob Sullum at Hit and Run

Is a rising seizure total a sign of success or a sign that the volume crossing the border has increased? Is an increase in large-volume seizures a sign of smugglers’ desperation or a sign that smugglers are not […]

L.A. cops complain about law enforcement

Due to rampant/Rampart abuse by Los Angeles police in the past, a federal plea bargain required that officers in gang and narcotics divisions sign disclosure agreements documenting their finances, starting in 2001 (to ensure that they weren’t skimming). It’s just now finally starting to be enforced, and the officers are threatening to quit or file […]

Plan Mexico and fundamental economic principles

Open Thread

“bullet” You know they’re going to get coal in their stockings… Santa Claus shot at by drug dealers while flying south. “bullet” Ethan Brown: Big Easy offers only tough choices for America’s drug war in the Guardian “bullet” Jacob Sullum: The Dose Makes the Poison, Even for Marijuana Smoke. Sullum clears up mis-information about a […]