The Drug Czar comes up with option 4

You may remember that last Monday I speculated on how John Walters would react to news that seizures sharply dropped in 2007. I had given a few options, and was about to declare #2 the winner (ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist), when he managed to come up with a whole new option:
Blame Chavez

In Unusually Harsh Criticism of the Venezuelan President, John P. Walters Blames Lack of Enforcement for an Increase in Drug Shipments. […]
“Where are the big seizures, where are the big arrests of individuals who are at least logistical coordinators? When it’s being launched from controlled airports and seaports, where are the arrests of corrupt officials? At some point here, this is tantamount to collusion,” Walters said in an interview.

“bullet” In other Drug Czar news

The head of the RCMP’s national drug branch is debunking claims by the United States’ drug czar, who claims organized crime rings in Canada are dumping dangerous, methamphetamine-laced “extreme ecstasy” into his country’s illegal drug market.
Supt. Paul Nadeau said he doesn’t know why John Walters, of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, would make such statements in a widely distributed news release without checking facts with Canadian officials.
“I shook my head when I read the release that they put out,” said Nadeau, adding he’s never heard of extreme ecstasy.
“That term is unknown to us, certainly in Canada, and I can tell you that I’ve spoken to law enforcement people in the U.S. and they’ve never heard of it either so it would appear that it’s a term that somebody came up with in a boardroom in Washington, D.C.” […]
John Carnavale, an economist who worked for four previous U.S. drug czars between 1989 and 2000, said Walters is “cherry-picking data” to blame Canada.

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