The stupid… it burns!

Do they just keep posting fecal material to keep me diverted from dealing with real issues? How else can you explain the ONDCP staff posting this nonsense on a Sunday at their “blog”? Is somebody there actually doing this on their own time?
Here’s the stupidity:

United Press International reports on a new study from the United Kingdom linking marijuana use and criminal behavior:
“A British survey finds that half of all crime suspects and 57 percent of young offenders admit recent smoking of marijuana. The Home Office, for the first time, questioned people who had just been arrested, the Daily Mail reported. The rate of marijuana use was significantly higher than expected.”
Marijuana: Harmless?

I am at a loss to explain how somebody as clearly retarded (in the Lewis Black definition of the word) as the person who posted this for the ONDCP can actually press the keys of the computer in such a way as to make words appear.
I wonder if any study asked criminals if they’d recently worn blue jeans or drunk whole milk, and whether that would be evidence of the harms of jeans or milk.
Honorable mention in stupidity goes to the Washington Times for their unquestioned regurgitation of British Conservative Party David Davis’ propaganda.

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