Open Thread and Odds and Ends

Some great football today. And a big thanks to the weather canceling my out-of-town meeting, so I could watch it.
“bullet” N.M. Governor Bill Richardson threw his hat in the ring for the 2008 Democratic nomination for President. Apparently he’s a big fan of making sure everyone can get the illegal drugs that they want easily, as he recently said “he would seek legislation creating a public registry for drug dealers.” Aw, gee thanks, Bill.

[Thanks, Micah]

“bullet” Franken-Fungus — the monster Dan Burton and Joe Biden created that just won’t die.
“bullet” Speaking of surviving a stake in the heart, STRAIGHT, Inc. appears to be alive and well and has turned into a Pathway in Indiana.

At 14, Nicky was using drugs as a way to control the mood swings that come with bipolar disorder, said Rose Gagen, her mother. About five years ago, she called police as a way to get Nicky into court-ordered treatment. The family chose the Pathway Family Center in Indianapolis because representatives at an assessment told her it had professionals on staff who could treat both Nicky’s mental illness and her drug problems.
During her nine months at Pathway, Nicky said she spent nine to 11 hours a day, forced to sit in a rigid position on a straight chair with a cushion, legs pressed tightly together, feet straight out, hands on knees, elbows straight.

“bullet” This has already been reported elsewhere, but if you haven’t, you should read this email exchange with an elected official, who apparently believes that petitioning your government, rather than being a First Amendment right, is a reason to tell the local police about you.

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