Open Thread and Miscellaneous Items

“bullet” Two new additions to Guest Drug WarRant from submitters (remember that readers are always welcome to submit items for Guest Drug WarRant, or you can discuss items at the messageboard).

  1. Fascist Insect — a diatribe rejected by Wikipedia
  2. End the War on Drugs — a letter by Ned Behrensmeyer published in the Quincy Herald Whig

“bullet” I’ve started a page for the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” Supreme Court case. I know there are some who say that it’s the wrong case for drug policy reformers to touch, but as a drug policy reformer and free speech advocate and educator, it’s one I can’t possibly ignore.
Additionally, I have serious concerns that Kenn Starr and the amici curiae (which includes D.A.R.E.) are trying to get the Supreme Court to expand the power of schools to determine that any speech by students anywhere that conflicts with their zero-tolerance/drug-free/abstinence-only message can be censored.
Plus I kind of like the idea of the little Alaskan lawyer against Ken Starr, the U.S. Government, D.A.R.E., and the National School Board Association.

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