Marijuana decriminalization attempt in New Hampshire this morning

In the Nashua Telegraph:

A move to decriminalize the use of marijuana tops the agenda as the New Hampshire Legislature begins to hear from the public on its 1,400 bills for the 2007 session. […]
‹Despite the threat of severe penalties, many responsible, productive New Hampshire citizens continue to use marijuana. As long as these individuals do not harm others, we believe it is unwise and unjust to continue persecuting them as enemies of the state,Š the group declares.
Matt Simon of Amherst, the group‰s spokesman, said it had less than a week to prepare testimony in support, but will be ready.
‹Six days isn‰t much time, but the evidence is on our side, and I know we will be able to make a compelling case for the committee,Š explained Simon.
‹If the committee is willing to give this bill the serious consideration it merits, it will conclude that decriminalization is the only sensible solution to the slew of problems marijuana prohibition has created for New Hampshire.Š
The group contends laws against the use of marijuana only increase the incidence of violence and property crime.
Leaders with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA) are also expected to offer support.
The three authors are a rare bipartisan mix led by liberal Keene Democrat Chuck Weed, conservative Haverhill Republican Paul Ingbretson, and Manchester Republican Steve Vaillancourt, who at other times has been a Democratic and Libertarian lawmaker.

Interesting group of bill authors. But I’m a bit surprised at the short notice — it doesn’t seem likely that it will do well, so the publicity surrounding the effort is the important part.

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