Human Events Online again

For the third time in a week, Human Events Online has a drug war piece. I’m wondering if the new one is an attempt to repair their image after the John Hawkins disaster.
This one is Big, Big Government by John Stossel, and what a breath of fresh air it is after what we’ve been getting.

Whatever happened to America’s federal system, which recognized the states as “laboratories of democracy”? […]
The constitutional plan presented in the Federalist Papers delegated only a few powers to the federal government, with the rest reserved to the states. The system was hailed for its genius. Instead of having decisions made in the center — where errors would harm the entire country — most policies would be determined in a decentralized environment. A mistake in California would affect only Californians. New Yorkers, Ohioans, and others could try something else. Everyone would learn and benefit from the various experiments.
It made a lot of sense. It still does. Too bad the idea is being tossed on the trash heap by big-government Republicans and their DEA goons.
Drug prohibition — like alcohol prohibition — is a silly idea, as the late free-market economist Milton Friedman often pointed out. Something doesn’t go away just because the government decrees it illegal. It simply goes underground. Then a black market creates worse problems. [emphasis added]

Update: Oh, no. I spoke too soon. Here’s another extraordinarily stupid drug war article in Human Events, this time by Mac Johnson, titled Libertarians on Drugs. According to this idiot, the drug war is the only thing preventing us all from becoming slobbering addicts, since none of us have free will when it comes to drugs.

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