Feds continue medical marijuana raids


WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–City of West Hollywood officials reacted swiftly today to news that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had raided and shut down five medicinal marijuana dispensaries located in West Hollywood. “The City of West Hollywood has had a long-standing commitment to the compassionate use of medical marijuana for those persons who are facing catastrophic illnesses,” said City Manager Paul Arevalo. The DEA’s enforcement of federal drug laws against the dispensaries conflicts with Proposition 215, a ballot measure approved by the California voters in 1996 decriminalizing the use of medical marijuana.

and The Agitator:

A fine use of our tax dollars, Mr. President.
We can’t have AIDS-having, pot-smoking hippies in California thumbing their noses at our federal vice laws. Good, God-fearing families in Kansas shouldn’t have to worry about what might happen to their kids if we start allowing cancer-stricken chemo patients in Burbank to light up a doob with impunity.
So rest easy, Kansas. Once again, your federal government showed ’em who’s boss. Like that time they handcuffed a post-polio patient to her bed, and led her taste the business end of an assault weapon. Man, that was sweet.
It would almost be funny if people weren’t, you know, dying because of this shit.

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