Ethan Nadelmann on The Colbert Report tonight

It’s hilarious — both Ethan and Stephen are hyped up and having fun going after each other.

Colbert: You think we have lost the war on drugs and we should just give up on it.
Nadelmann: Oh, we have lost the war on drugs.
Colbert: Sir, we have lost the war on drugs when we withdraw from the war on drugs. While we’re still in it, we haven’t lost it. I say we send 20,000 more troops in. That’ll do it.

Good. Ethan used the figures on U.S. having 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population. “We lead the world in locking up our fellow citizens.”

Colbert: I’m thinking about cutting off your mic. …
Nadelmann: “You gotta get drunk to watch O’Reilly, but half your audience probably lit up a joint before they turned on your show tonight.”

Colbert: Look. I can’t control what they do. All I can do is pass judgement.

Ethan calls Colbert a communist.
Colbert calls for making Smith Brothers throat lozenges illegal.
The whole thing was over so fast it was hard to keep up.
Here’s the link to watch it online (Thanks, Celeste).

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