Drug War Funding Shortage a Good Thing

James Gierach rocks in this OpEd in the Daily Southtown (Chicago): County cuts could mean less drug-war money — and that’s not such a bad thing

… These examples tell the folly of “staying the course” and hoping to win the drug war. It’s a bad policy that endlessly costs and gets us nowhere.
“Oh, but what about our drug courts, our drug-diversion program, our drug-treatment? What about drug testing, drug drops and drug counseling? What about our undercover drug cops, our confiscation programs, our prosecutors, our public defenders, our drug education programs and our sheriff’s police? Oh, my D.A.R.E.” the addicted public officials and employees cry.
The drug war is a cash cow for drug dealers and a patronage pig for public officials. Fly over the Cook County Jail and take a bird’s eye look at the drug-war prison sprawl. New jail after new jail — a patronage dream. Eight out of every 10 inmates who enter the Cook County Jail are there for a “drug crime.” Better to build pyramids or cathedrals.

“Addicted public officials.” That sure hits true.
Really nice job, James.

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