Open Thread

“bullet” It seems that I’m seeing a lot of “Legalize It” articles (of differing approaches) in recent days. In addition to Cynthia Tucker’s excellent piece, here’s one in Sandusky, Ohio by Evan Goodenow (note the Kathryn Johnston mention). There’s this one in the Cambridge Evening News. And there’s one in the Edmonton Sun. Is it just me, or has there been a slight increase in the willingness of the media to give this idea coverage? Perhaps the education efforts of all the drug policy reformers are actually bearing fruit in this way?
“bullet” If you want an opportunity to write letters to an article that’s less positive, you need look no further than the OpEd by former ONDCP speechwriter Kevin Sabet in the Washington Post today. He acts like he’s being reasonable, yet the way he dismisses the discussion of legalization is dishonest.
“bullet” The Agitator has been covering Atlanta extremely well (of course) and discovered (gasp!) that there may have been other cases where the no-knock warrant was used without proper foundation.
“bullet” With the Kathryn Johnston (elderly lady killed in her home in Atlanta) and Sean Bell (unarmed bridegroom killed in New York with police firing 50 bullets) incidents fresh in the media, it seems to me there is an opportunity here to visit with your local city council member and ask what the policies are for SWAT or other military-style engagements by the local police and what safeguards are in place.

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