Going to the dogs

Alternet reported a bizarre new trend: purchasing bullet-proof vests for police dogs at $500 to $1,800 per vest. Apparently this trend comes from the shooting death of a NJ police dog (who shot in the eye and wouldn’t have been helped by the vest). Additionally, the vests are so heavy they cause all sorts of problems for the dogs.
No apparent concern for those with whom dogs come in contact — innocents such as Myra Gutierrez (bit in the breasts and arms) and Indiana schoolgirl Courtney McGarry (bit in the face), or the suspect who had his penis severed by a police dog named Scooby.
If there are dogs who need bullet-proof vests, it’s not the police dogs. The vast majority of dogs that get shot… are shot by police. ‘Cause they always shoot the dogs. No really, they always shoot the dogs. That’s right, they always shoot the dogs.

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