The House of Death

This is a gruesome story that has been, up to this point, almost exclusively covered by NarcoNews. But now, while the American press won’t touch it, the UK’s Observer has extensive coverage in today’s edition.
The House of Death is the story of U.S. Department of Justice and Homeland Security officials’ willingness to use an informant that, multiple times, and with their knowledge and permission, commits first-degree murder, on behalf of Mexican drug cartels. And even the deaths of innocents were accepted in order to keep the operation going.

‘If Congress and the media start to look at this properly, they will be horrified,’ [former Special Agent in charge of the DEA offfice in El Paso] Sandy Gonzalez says. ‘It needs a special prosecutor, as with the case of Valerie Plame [the CIA agent whose name was leaked to the media when her diplomat husband criticised Bush over Iraq’s missing weapons of mass destruction]. But Valerie is a nice-looking white person and the victims here are brown. Nobody gives a shit.’

[Thanks, Tom]
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