When your drug war is a failure, silence those who actually have a solution

Everybody in the entire world is in agreement that the international effort to deal with opium in Afghanistan has been a colossal failure. Everybody is blaming everybody else and nobody has a clue what to do about it, with one exception: The Senlis Council (a European think-tank) has developed and promoted concrete and workable plans, including: Opium Licensing for the Production of Essential Medicines: Securing a Sustainable Future for Afghanistan.
So when you have a complete failure on your hands, have no clue how to turn it around, and a bunch of very smart people come up with a comprehensive plan to solve your problems, what do you do?

The Afghan government has ordered the closure of all offices of a group that wants to promote new ways of dealing with the global drugs problem.
The Interior Ministry said the Senlis Council, had been “confusing farmers” and had been a factor in the increase in poppy cultivation.


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