Drug WarRant needs a new laptop

Maybe I should say I want a new computer. My current laptop is still working, and I hope to get it to limp along until January at least, but it’s missing a couple of keys and is held together with tape. My 12″ Mac Powerbook has been phenomenal — it has been my workhorse for years, going everywhere with me (including Europe). I’ve dropped it, kicked it, done everything to it and it has been continually reliable. But it’s getting old, starting to feel a little slow, and also cannot handle some of the new photography and design software I need to use.
No, I don’t need a high-powered laptop to blog, but I use my one computer for everything I do, which includes blogging, photography, graphic design, and website management.
So I’m looking for some help. Check out the options I’m weighing and consider donating to the Drug WarRant laptop fund. I’m hoping to have enough raised to get a new computer by January or February (and I’ll have both a birthday and Christmas in between for added reasons to donate).
There are a lot of small costs that regularly come up with Drug WarRant (including server fees, domain fees, and research costs, etc.), but I’ve never been interested in doing much fundraising (and I don’t have any advertising revenue). I don’t do this for compensation (I have a day job that I love as well), but I could use help with a major purchase like the laptop.
Don’t feel obligated — if you can’t afford to donate, please don’t. If you think your donations could be better used to help a drug policy reform candidate or an established drug policy reform organization, please do so. But if you’ve got $5 or $50 or $500 sitting around with no plans…

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