More on Plan Colombia

For a strangely convoluted, yet fascinating take on the drug war in Colombia, be sure to read Danna Harman’s three part series in the Christian Science Monitor that concludes today:

  1. The War On Drugs: Ambushed In Jamundi
  2. Plan Colombia: Big gains, but cocaine still flows
  3. Rethinking Plan Colombia: some ways to fix it

At times, you think may that Harman is cheerleading for the drug warriors, who are fighting a difficult, but successful battle. Yet if you read the entirety of the series and see how all the brush strokes create a bigger picture, you can’t help but come away with the image that Plan Colombia has been an absolute failure and a disaster to both Colombian and American citizens.

One of my favorite quotes:

“We’re making first downs,” US Ambassador to Colombia William Wood is fond of saying, “…but we’re not sure how long the football field is.”

Here’s William Wood making first downs…

A picture named man_hamster_wheel_lg_nwm.gif
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