I’m back… Open Thread

Well, I had an incredible adventure exploring Prague and the Czech Republic, the mountains of Slovakia, Budapest, and Vienna. And I didn’t even have to go through body cavity searches at customs — the very nice customs lady looked at my passport and warmly said: “Welcome home, Peter!”
A lot of people have asked me about the fact that the Czech Republic has very lax laws regarding marijuana. While I don’t know the specifics of the laws, as far as I can tell, it’s somewhat the equivalent of decriminalization — they just don’t bother arresting people for it. And, quite frankly, it was a total non-issue. Nobody cared. I didn’t see any drug dealers or drug problems. Society hadn’t gone crazy. Some people smoked pot. Most didn’t. (Most, in fact, drank beer, which is very big there.)
Anyway, I’ve been wading through all my emails and phone messages and everything since I got back and now I’ll be back to regular posting again. A few posts will be catch-up, but I won’t be able to get to everything that happened while I was gone.
A special thanks to all the regulars who kept Drug WarRant active in the comments and through the community messageboard while I was away!

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