Study Finds No [Causal] Link Between Marijuana Use And Depression

Yeah, we knew that already.

And yet, we must celebrate that another study has confirmed what we already know, because our opponents — the drug warriors — use every means at their disposal to mislead the public, and we need these moments to remind the public that they’ve been fed bullshit (although we, of course, do it more politely than that). Now this is the most comprehensive study to date, and should put the nail in the coffin on that little bit of ignorance, but I’m sure someone will still try to promote that discredited link. God, that depresses me.

I’m waiting for someone to promote a link between marijuana use and ingrown toenails. And sure enough, NIDA will fund a study trying to find this link (denying possible research that could save people’s lives), and years later the study will confirm that no, there is no link between marijuana and ingrown toenails, but we’ll be on to the next manufactured scare.

It’s time for the people and the press to stand up and say:

We’re not going to listen to you anymore! You have no legitimate authority to tell us about the dangers of marijuana. For almost a century, you and your predecessors have lied and misled the public non-stop, from saying that it will turn you into a bat or cause you to cut up your family with a chainsaw, to the outrageous claims about marijuana addiction and potency today. You have no moral credibility left.

Show us the bodies. Close to half the American population has tried marijuana with no ill effects. Marijuana has been used for thousands of years with no evidence of significant harm. If you’ve got something to say about the dangers of marijuana, then you’re going to have to show us the bodies. No more implied statements. No more hypotheses. Incontrovertible, airtight, watertight, triple confirmed documented proof with bodies is all we’ll believe from you.

You no longer have the right to tell us of the dangers of marijuana. You must make your case now by talking about the real reasons for marijuana prohibition — the political, racist, classist, corporate and government job-protecting, profit-protecting pressures that make marijuana your boogie man, not ours.

We’re not listening to you, any more.

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