Cory Maye off death row

This is old news to many of you by now, yet it is an essential and critical moment in American criminal drug war history that rivals the exposure of the Tulia, Texas drug sting scandal.

Blogger Radley Balko got things going. A lot of other wonderful people stepped up to the plate, and now a man who was on death row for protecting himself and his daughter from home invasion is now getting a new trial. It’s not over, of course. But at least it’s on a path that could lead to a more sane future for Cory and his daughter.

You can get the background to the story here and read Radley’s full archive of Cory Maye posts here.

And be sure to read Sure beats getting Dan Rather fired, huh by Jim Henley, and The Cato policy analyst who may have saved a man’s life by Gene Healy.

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